Veronica Panina


Hi! My name is Veronica Panina. I am a sophomore at SHC. I live with my parents and 4 siblings. Through a big family I have learned both communicational and teamwork skills. During my freshman year at SHC, I was a team captain for the Girls’ Frosh Volleyball team as well as managed the Wrestling team. In the spring, I was on the JV SHC Track and Field Team. I run distance events.  Running gives me a change to reflect and focus on the present. My favorite part of all the athletic programs I am apart of is the loving and welcoming community. Everyone at SHC treats you like family. I am involved in several clubs around SHC including Cugini Club, and Women’s Empowerment CCC. Through these clubs, I develop deeper connection to my school community and grow on a personal, mental, and social level.

So far, during my sophomore year, I stepped away from volleyball and into running. I received my Varsity letter in Cross Country. I am spending a lot more time doing activities and learning for myself. I am excited to see where this year will go and how much the world around me will change with time.

In my free time I like to create movies with my siblings and go on walks in my neighborhood, and run with my friends. When I am feeling lazy, I like to sit at home and watch old TV shows like Psych, Community and Phineas and Ferb.

During my freshman year, I took a dive to see the world through the lens of a Pedatric Radiologist. Peds Radiologists, as I will refer to them, use medical imaging tools such as CT-Scans, MRIs, X-rays, and ultra sounds to diagnose medical and surgical problem of specifically children. There are only about 800 Peds Radiologists in the entirety of the US. Through my project, I hope to promote the profession and make more people aware of  it. While I complete this project, and future ones, I hope to have a deeper understanding of the world around me and how it works.

Sophomore year, I kept on the same path of Medicine and have decided to evaluate the future of AI in the Medical field. By looking through the lens of the Overton Window, I can find three different scenarios that represent possible future of AI integration into the Medical Field. Creating a Prezi allows me to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the healthcare system. I aim to address the uncertainty surrounding AI and provide knowledge to help viewers form educated opinions. I will explore three different scenarios through liberal, conservative, and policy lenses, identifying signals and drivers for each. By creating a Prezi presentation, I hope to offer a personal connection and valuable information to doctors, patients, prospective medical students, and anyone interested in the future of AI in healthcare.


My 2023-24 Project Blog

In the future, AI will become an object in our everyday lives. As a resident of San Fransisco, this is becoming ever more prevalent even in the current day world as driverless cars patrol the streets hitting dogs and cranking 90s with expertise almost indistinguishable from a person. Driving is a very difficult task, even […] Read more

i2 Projects

Pediatric Radiology: The Next Generation

Working with a Pediatric Radiologist at UCSF, we have created social media accounts to promote pediatric radiology as an important and interesting field of medicine in an effort to increase the dwindling numbers of medical students interested in the field..

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Future of AI in the Medical Field

Previewing and determining how AI will shape the future of the Medical field will familiarize people with the unknown and englighten them on how our world will change under the scope of AI.

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