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Forecasting the Future: AI In Healthcare

Forecasting Futures: AI In Healthcare

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Right now, the big question about Artificial Intelligence in ANY workforce is that nobody knows for sure what is going to happen or how people will be affected. The unknown is one of the scariest parts of the future.  By better understanding what CAN happen, people will  develop an educated opinion whether that be more at ease, open-minded, or completely against integrating AI into the healthcare systems. Having the knowledge to form an opinion is just as important as forming the opinion itself. Currently, people have decided to completely ignore AI because it does not directly affect them. This, however, will change soon. AI will soon be a constant in all forms of life, from the most practical parts, such as shopping or cooking to the more complicated ones like driving. There are some people that understand that AI will eventually reach most parts of society. They have decided to get to know it and start using it.  For example, teachers run essays through different plagiarism detection AIs to see if students have cheated by abusing essay writing AIs.  

One way to look at the future of AI is through the Overton Window. The Overton Window views spectrums depending on relevancy, showing that common ideals change over time. The Window frames out lived experiences and moves over time to fit societies’ ideas. It’s always shifting and specific window depends on a time and place. I will be looking at AI’s integration into Healthcare through our current window and expanding in three different scenarios through different lenses of the pedalim swing as well as the Overton Window. For each different scenario, I will identify signals and drivers and weigh the actuality of each one happening.

By seeing that paths the future can better understand what is to come.  It gives a sense of personal connection, while also providing important information. A Prezi presentation around the different views through the Overton Window about future AI in the healthcare system. I will look at and talk about likely scenarios through a liberal, conservative, and policy mindset and evaluate the probability of each of them. 

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