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Pediatric Radiology Next Generation

For my first i2 project, I have come in contact with a Pediatric Radiologist at UCSF. Together we have created social media accounts to promote the dwindling workforce. My appreciation for a large medical workforce sprung from my mom. She is a Pediatrician and is constantly telling me how overwork she and her colleagues are. I hope to lessen the strain of our real life superheroes.

Over the course of 6 months,  I have set up social media accounts. Reached out to several doctors and have interviewed a handful of them. I have immersed myself in the daily life of a Pediatric Radiologist to understand just how much they effect everyone’s lives and all of the communities they reach. I have learned that Peds Radiologists’ patients on an ever widening spectrum. From neonatal patients to adults whose lifespans had been previously limited due to disease, Peds Radiologists are everywhere. If, as a child, you’ve ever broken a bone, or gotten an x-ray, a Peds Radiologist was the doctor that read your film and gave your diagnosis.

Through infographics and illuminating videos, I have educated views on the importance of Peds Radiology and how we, as a society, need to get the word out to young adults about Peds Radiology and sustain the ever dwindling workforce. We need to inspire the future generation of doctors to make out world a better place and to keep everyone safe.

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