Willem Henstock


Hi, My name is Willem and I am currently a freshman at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I am Fourteen years old. And I am also a graduate of the San Francisco Waldorf School. I was very excited when I learned that I had been accepted into the i2 program even though I had no idea what it was. Even though I am still learning about it I feel ready to take on this program’s challenges. One of my favorite things to do is fencing. I have been doing it  for over 5 years and I hope to continue fencing throughout high school. I live with my parents, sister and my two cats in San Francisco. In my old school I was part of the orchestra and played in a concert every spring. I play the silver flute and considered taking band class but I chose to do Art 1,2 instead. I am not doing any sports at SHC right now but I think I’m thinking of joining men’s volleyball in the fall. Another favorite hobby of mine is Boy Scouts. I am part of troop fourteen and my favorite part is definitely the yearly summer camp which I have attended for the past two years.

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