Zhivan Khaleeli


Hi, my name is Zhivan Khaleeli. I am a Pakistani-American student & a freshman at SHC. I enjoy a variety of hobbies, a favorite pastime of mine being debate. In fact, I am a member of the Speech and Debate Club and have participated in debate tournaments throughout the year. I am also an avid sports player and fan. I have been playing soccer for 12 years, and I play striker and right winger. I am a starter on my club team outside of school, SF Glens. We play in the National Premier League in the North division I also play striker or right winger on the SHC team.

A very important driving force in my life is my family, and I strive to maintain their legacy in addition to building my own. My parents were both very successful, despite the fact they were born and raised in Pakistan, a 3rd world country. They didn’t let that stop them, by attending selective universities in MIT & UC Berkeley, and now both are at stable jobs. They inspire me to work hard for everything and achieve my potential. With regards to school, my favorite subjects are math and history, where I am taking Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry & the i2 World History class respectively. In addition to subjects, I also am interested in the wide variety of clubs here at SHC. In addition to the Speech and Debate Club, I am a part of the Tedx Youth. The clubs that I chose to join will help me delve into my passions and learn valuable skills in the process, skills such as public speaking, logical thinking, and planning.

Talking about my personality is the best way to understand who I am in school, with my friends, on the soccer pitch, and in most endeavors throughout my life. When in school, I strive to improve and learn every day. I also try to exemplify being a good person in any activity I do, whether it be giving teammates constructive criticism on the field or adhering to the Academic Code of Conduct in school. In fact, I work to benefit my community through Boy Scouts. I am a Star Scout for Troop 14, and regularly participate in helping food drives, donations, and other community-benefiting activities. For example, although I attend a Catholic school, I am a Muslim. While it has been interesting to learn about the various differences and similarities of the two cultures, I practice the five pillars of Islam devoutly. One of those is zakat, or alms. Therefore, my family donates a percentage of their income, and I donate a percentage of what I earn. As to where I work, I followed my passion for soccer (and my desire to have a little more pocket change) by looking into refereeing. I started refereeing the soccer games of younger kids and have now made over $2,000!

However, something all my friends and family will tell you is that I am very competitive. My personal way of judging an activity I did is if I didn’t either win or learn something, whether it be a math concept or a trick to keep myself calm and less rushed as a speaker, the activity was a waste of time. That statement alone gives accurate insight into who I am as a person, someone who will strive to win in everything he does, but prioritizes learning and growing in activities and as a person above all else.

In summary, Zhivan Khaleeli is someone who works hard to be the best at what he does, strives to achieve a better community for those around him, and a person you can find on the soccer pitch, or with a good book in hand, or on the debate stage. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me!


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