Ashley Wang


Hi my name is Ashley Wang and this is my freshman year of high school. I’ve lived in San Francisco my entire life, and attend SHC with both of my older sisters. My hobbies include art, baking, cooking, and reading. I also spending time with my family, playing mahjong, and going on walks. My main goal this year is to get my first paid job.

This year, with my partner Morgan Lee, our project aims to create another method of communication and understanding for the hearing impaired. We’ve come up with a transparent LCD screen that receives live audio, and converts the words into subtitles on the screen.



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This year, I am doing my first i2 project. My partner, Morgan Lee, and I have thought up a project targeted towards the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our plan is to make a clear portable screen that can translate nearby audio into subtitles. To do this, we will make a frame shaped to […] Read more

i2 Projects

Crystal Clear

Ever wished your life was a movie? That’s the question that sparked the inspiration of Crystal Clear, a transparent monitor screen using LCD technology to convert audio to onscreen text, similar to how subtitles appear on a TV screen. Aiming to provide an additional alternative to tools such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and ASL, for those with audio-impairing conditions, Crystal Clear gives an opportunity for a whopping 20% of the world population to communicate more clearly...

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