About Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Ever wished your life was a movie? That’s the question that sparked the inspiration of Crystal Clear, a transparent monitor screen using LCD technology to convert audio to onscreen text, similar to how subtitles appear on a TV screen. Aiming to provide an additional alternative to tools such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and ASL, for those with audio-impairing conditions, Crystal Clear gives an opportunity for a whopping 20% of the world population to communicate more clearly. (It might serve even more folks who yearn for an extra special touch of cinematicity to their lives through closed captioning.) Built as a sturdy, durable, and efficient prototype, the Crystal Clear Pro is an affordable option to the increasing costs of hearing aids, and their batteries. With inflation skyrocketing prices through the roof, it becomes more difficult for the hearing impaired to access the necessities. The purpose of Crystal Clear is NOT to replace the function of the reliable hearing aid, but to instead provide another option to add additional convenience to learning and life. The prototype itself consists of an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen protected between two pieces of plexiglass, attached to electronics. To support the prototype with an aesthetic design, the LCD, plexiglass, and electronics are all contained securely in a wooden frame, adhered with wood glue and metal screws. Connected to a laptop running the audio to text converter (coded by ChatGPT), Crystal Clear includes a decently-efficient translation design, backlit by a soft light to increase the transparency of the screen. Inspired by the very technology that emerged more than two decades ago and the eagerness to serve those who suffer from auditory impairments, we’re introducing you to our 2023-2024 i2 Project Prototype! Can’t hear? Get Crystal Clear!

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