Brandon Holland


Hey, I’m Brandon and I’m a junior in the i2 program here at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

At school I currently participate in Tedx Youth, Robotics Club, Finance Club, Coding Club, and Badminton Club. I’m also on the JV men’s swim team and play in the orchestra. This year I’ve been fortunate enough be leading the 3D printing operations in Robotics Club in addition to serving as concertmaster in the orchestra and on the leadership team. Over the pandemic I found a passion in engineering and tinkering through the boredom of quarantine. Ever since then, I’ve known I wanted to major in a stem field. Through clubs and activities at SH, I’m able to explore this passion and find what interests me the most.

Outside of school, I play the violin and piano, code, and lift. Since I was 5 years old, I’ve been playing the Violin and over the last 11 years this passion has taken me places I would have never imagined. Being able to express emotion and ideas through music I’m able to create is something I find comforting. Last summer while staying with my older brother at UCSD, I was introduced to lifting. The idea of pushing your body to its limits while improving your physical and mental health is something that really appeals to me. During the year, I try to visit the gym at least twice a week during my busy schedule to maintain my pr’s and stay physically active. Similarly, programming is something that I was introduced to relatively recently. While it started off as simple Arduino code I’d write within my engineering projects, I was able to dive deeper this summer through a paid web development internship at Code Tenderloin where I learned the fundamentals of frontend web development. Since then I’ve been learning JavaScript and Next.js in order to build dynamic web apps which I’m hoping to implement in my i2 project this year.

Last year for my i2 project, I worked with some friends in order to convert my hardtail mountain bike into an extremely powerful electric bike. Through the project, we were able to explore the intricate mechanics and engineering of electric drivetrains. While I was able to explore my passion in electric and mechanical engineering, this year I decided to build upon the skills I learned during my internship and build a web app with the help of some other i2 scholars. Coursify is a learning management system built from the ground up addressing the current issues of Schoology and its counterparts.

As an i2 scholar, I’ve had a unique experience at SHC and I know that I’ll be able to further develop my interests and follow my passions through the opportunities presented to me.




CallMap: 2023-24

This year, my i2 project is a new crime data platform known as CallMap. CallMap is a new platform meant for students, parents, and the public to discover and visualize historical university crime data. Currently, crime data for campuses is often difficult or close to impossible to find. In the past, legislation has attempted to […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

I am so happy to have been excepted into the i2 program, and so excited in what the future holds in terms of projects, learning, and friendships. Over the course of this last month I’ve met so many new people, made new friends, and experienced a lot of what the i2, and overall SHC community […] Read more

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CallMap is a platform for students, parents, and the public to discover and visualize historical university crime data.

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Coursify is a cutting-edge next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) designed to revolutionize how students and educators interact with online learning materials. With built-in schedules and room location features, Coursify streamlines the learning process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform for managing assignments, attendance, and grades.

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The idea for Project Ohm initially came to fruition after three friends not having any idea of what to do for their i2 project, decided to build their own e-bike and in turn explore the intricate mechanics and engineering or electric drivetrains. In the end, our project aims to serve as an example and inspire others about engineering to explore and pursue their ideas and passions.

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