RemindH2O Project Proposal


Our project focuses on the importance of water intake. Drinking a healthy amount of water every day is vital to nourish the body since it helps with brain function, memory, etc. This has been a huge problem, especially for teens since they are less serious about keeping themselves healthier. This tends to turn into a cycle of dehydration and academic/physical decrease and turns the teenager into a moody, fatigued person.

Through RemindH2O, we aim to resolve this problem by having a reminder water bottle. This differs from other bottles since it buzzes whenever you need to drink water. The time intervals are customizable, as well as the volume of the buzz. It is also not bulky or too heavy for a high schooler to carry and looks like a normal water bottle. Furthermore, it will help with reminding people to drink water during their busy day. This project will help remind people to drink water on their capabilities and hopefully help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Project Infographics