Biodegradable GPS AirPods Case

Biodegradable GPS Airpods Case

The biodegradable GPS AirPods case serves to address the issue of lost AirPods in a convenient, cheap, and environmentally conscientious way. People spend about $700 million annually on replacing AirPods, which accounts for 7% of total AirPods sales. Our built in GPS cases would be cheaper and more effective than Apple’s current solutions of the find my network and AirTags. It addresses the many issues with the find my network, such as if the case is lost separately from the AirPods, and if the AirPods are dead when they go missing. In addition, our cases would be significantly more discrete and cheaper than air tags. Finally, our cases would be manufactured out of biodegradable thermoplastics, which are more environmentally friendly than alternatives like silicone.

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