Matteo Gupta


                My name is Matteo Gupta, and I am currently a freshman in the i2 program at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I began to find interest in the i2 program when my sister, Sofia, was accepted into it a few years ago. Although I didn’t know the specifics of it, I knew that the purpose of this program was to challenge students academically and I wanted to be a part of it!

               Prior to entering Sacred Heart Cathedral, I went to Saint Philip the Apostle. One way I got involved with this school was through the student council. During my 8th grade school year, I ran for student body treasurer and won this position. I was able to plan events, conduct fundraisers, and more! Being in the student council has taught me leadership and responsibility skills. During my years at Saint Philip, I also became an altar server and a crossing guard to help my community. 

               In general, my favorite subjects at SHC are math and science. Both have sparked a curiosity in me throughout middle school. They have helped me think logically about a situation, and have broadened my perspective. These two subjects have definitely boosted my thinking capacity while studying too. 

At SHC, I signed up for Oracle, Sports Medicine, Robotics club, and LVY. I hope these clubs will build my character and help me become more involved with the school’s community and culture. I feel that it’s important for me to join these clubs in order to benefit me in school, give back to my community, and prepare me for my life ahead.

               Outside of school, I love to play soccer. I currently play for the 08 Glens MLS soccer team. I play defensive midfield and enjoy defending and distributing the ball to my teammates. And, of course, I enjoy playing around with my friends or even shooting around in a field by myself. My passion for soccer has brought me many years of fun and experience!

               During these next four years at SHC, I hope to explore new clubs and sports, discover new hobbies, and above all, have fun!

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