Matteo Gupta



            My name is Matteo Gupta, and I am currently a sophomore in the i2 program at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I began to find interest in the i2 program when my sister was accepted into it a few years ago. Although I didn’t know the specifics of it, I knew that the purpose of this program was to challenge students academically, and I wanted to be a part of it!

            In general, my favorite subjects at SHC are math and AP world history. Both have sparked a curiosity in me throughout middle school. They have helped me think logically about a situation, and have broadened my perspective. These two subjects have definitely boosted my thinking capacity while studying too. For many years, I took math courses at Kumon, an after-school math and reading program. Kumon has taught me to learn math at a quick pace, and has helped me gain the ability to learn self-dependently. 

            At SHC, I am currently part of multiple clubs including Sports Medicine, Debate club, LVY, and Student Launch Initiative. I especially enjoy LVY, which gives me the opportunity to volunteer at different communities. I had a great time at an older adults event recently, in which I created Valentine’s day cards. I especially enjoyed simply conversing and having fun with the people people at this elderly center. I am now the club leader of the Older Adults Program within LVY. I also enjoy SLI, which gives me the opportunity to learn basic entrepreneurship, helps me develop my own business with a partner, and gives me the chance to listen to great instructors and successful entrepreneurs, such as the founder of Sports Basement. I truly feel that it was important for me to join these clubs in order to benefit me in school, give back to my community, and prepare me for my life ahead. 

            Outside of school, I love to play soccer. I currently play for the 08 Glens MLS Next soccer team, and am in the process of becoming a guest player for my team so that I can play soccer for SHC. As a midfielder and outside back, I enjoy defending and distributing the ball to my teammates. I have traveled to Indian Wells for a soccer showcase, and will continue to travel this year to different places including Portland and Canada to compete against other MLS Next soccer teams. Being on this team has given me the opportunity to compete against some of the best soccer teams in the country. And, of course, I enjoy playing around with my friends or even practicing at a field by myself. Overall, my passion for soccer and love for competition has brought me many years of fun and experience!

For my i2 project last year, I created a website that taught teenagers how to deal with their personal finances! After speaking with a shark as a part of SLI, I figured out a way to condense my project, and also created goals for what I would like to accomplish this year!

            During these next few years at SHC, I hope to explore new clubs and sports, discover new hobbies, and above all, have fun! 

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