Matthew Pak


Hi My name is Matthew Pak I am a student here at SHC and here is a little bit about me. I was born and raised here in San Francisco where I went to West Portal Lutheran and Zion Lutheran for elementary and middle school. In school my favorite subjects are math and science I always enjoyed solving problems and liked the straightforward methodical thinking of these two subjects. Next year I plan to take honors chemistry, AP computer science principles and advanced pre calculus.  Outside of school I like to be active. I played basketball in middle school, pre-pandemic I would swim every Sunday, I have a brown belt in Chinese Kung Fu, which I have been doing since I was young, I played tennis and I am currently running cross country and track and field here at SHC. Some hobbies I have are biking, reading and gaming. I like to read all kinds of stories and I try to read a novel or some sort of book every month. Currently I am reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I recently have picked up biking again and have been biking through Golden Gate Park on Sundays with my dad and my brother. I also for a long time have enjoyed playing video games from online multiplayer to local with my brother and single player. I have played a lot of games and most recently I have enjoyed playing Destiny and Valorant with my friends. My i2 project for this year is a vehicle detection system for bikes. This project aims to increase the urban bikers safety by increase their awareness of what happens around them. 


i2 project update #1

So its been a bit working on my i2 project and after a slow start I’m getting off the ground and into full swing for the project. I initially started off with the idea of a detection system that detect vehicles that share the road with a bike and so far that ideas hasn’t changed […] Read more

Beginning of the I2 journey

I am really excited to be a part of this I2 program here at SHC and look forward to doing these projects for the next 4 years. Some goals I have for these next four years are. First every year I would like to really explore and dig deeper into a topic that I find […] Read more

I2 projects