Michael Bridon


Hi, I’m Michael Bridon, a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I’m 16 years old, and I live near Twin Peaks. Pretty much my whole life I’ve really liked STEM. Mostly I’m into bio and chemistry (you could even say biochemistry), but I do also like history. Outside of school I like to play video games like Valorant(bad), Hunt: Showdown(very good), and Elden Ring(very good). I also like to make music in FL studio, but I don’t actually know music theory so my songs are usually mediocre at best. I’m also on the cross country team, but I hate running. It hurts, it’s tiring, and I get sweaty and gross; I’m pretty much there just for the team. Sometimes I read comics and the occasional novel if one catches my eye. Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the page!


My 2021-2022 i2 Project

This year for my i2 project, I chose to create a documentary about mental health and how it’s affected by social media with a partner, Sam Wai. Our plan has been to research mental health through a few sources, mainly the internet and books, and to get some interviews on social media and mental health […] Read more

i2 Projects

How Social Media Standards Affect Mental Health

In this era, almost everybody has seen or at least heard of social media. It is everywhere, and there are billions of people that use it and even consider it as a part of their daily life.

Project details