Morgan Lee


    Hi, I’m Morgan! I’m currently a 9th grade student at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, and am in the i2 program. First off, I’ll tell you a little about my family before we begin: I have two amazing parents who have helped me become the best I could be. They have worked hard to provide for me and my sister, Madi, to give us this wonderful opportunity to attend SHC. And, yes, I also have a sister, too! She is currently a sophomore at SHC, and is in the i2 class of 2025. A few years ago, Madi was accepted into the i2 program, which was what inspired me, in the first place. 

     Before I came to SHC, I attended Holy Name of Jesus, also in San Francisco, discovering my passion for a multitude of subjects-one, being math. Throughout my middle school years, my math teacher has given me the knowledge to be well-prepared, when entering high school, and has also inspired and interested me in the subject. In 5th grade, we were learning how to solve single-variable equations, and by 8th grade, our class finished learning the components of conics and trigonometry. This preparation brings me to my freshman year at SHC, where I’m currently taking Advanced Pre-Calculus. 

     Another interest I’ve explored through middle school is the amazing field of science. Each year, Holy Name would host a school-wide science fair, open to all middle school students. In 6th grade, my project explained the topic of stalagmites, stalactites, and how they grow in caves, by growing my own models of these rock transformations in my house. In 7th grade, I created a physics research project on how the Newton’s cradle works, creating a series of Newton’s cradles out of spheres made of different materials, popsicle sticks, and string. Finally, in 8th grade, my topic was on the exploration of parabolic trajectory and gravity, demonstrating the law of physics with coins. In the end, my 6th grade project won 1st place in school, and in the Mercy Burlingame Girls in Science competition. My 7th grade project won 1st place in school, and my 8th grade project won the Physics Award at Mercy Burlingame, as well. 

     Other than my academic interests and accomplishments, I have also served my community (in and out of school) in many ways. For all three years of middle school, I was a part of the Student Council, leading the student body and preparing for a variety of events throughout the school years. I have also served as a Eucharistic Minister at various Church gatherings, and have been a Safety Patrol Officer in my 8th grade year. Outside of school, I volunteer at the SF-Marin Food Bank and, previously at Rocket Dog. At the Food Bank Warehouse, or at portable volunteer stations, I volunteer with my family and friends to package food for the less fortunate.

     In addition to activities outside of school, my hobbies include playing basketball, running track and cross country, and tinkering with legos. In terms of my architectural hobby, I enjoy building models of anything Marvel. I’m also a huge Marvel fan, having watched every movie and almost every TV show produced by Marvel Studios. My other sport related hobby of playing basketball has been around since 3rd grade. I played for my school team and joined the BCSFYAO Ardenettes team in 5th grade, developing even more skills to use during game time. Additionally, I’ve made memories with my teammates that will last a lifetime. Finally, my interest in running has grown over the past two years. I was a part of the Holy Name Cross Country and Track team. What I’m most proud of is that I won 4th place in the overall girls’ 100 meter sprint in the archdiocese-wide track meet. 

     Another hobby of mine was developed during the final semester of my 8th grade year, in preparation for The Little Mermaid Jr. musical. Throughout the daily after-school rehearsals, and portraying Flounder’s character in front of an audience, I realized that acting was an intriguing subject that I’d want to explore as a hobby throughout high school. To have this opportunity, I joined Acting 1,2 at SHC, to dive deeper into this amazing art form. 

     My middle school years were some of the best years of my life, and with my high school career just beginning, I hope to make the most of it. In these next 4 years, I hope to dive deeper into all of my passions-architecture, acting, basketball, track, cross country, science, and math- and I hope that the i2 program will give me the opportunity to explore all of them.

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