Ryan Hernandez


My name is Ryan Hernandez and I am a Junior at SHC. In my free time, I listen to and watch a wide range of music and movies nonstop, always searching for something new. Something about Pop Culture and its evolution fascinates me. I also highly enjoy photography and often travel to different places with my family where I can put my knowledge about photography to use. Recently, I went to the Philippines to visit relatives and was able to take unique photos. 

Here at SHC, I am involved in all three of the school chorus groups. I enjoy both singing and listening to music overall. In addition to that, I work as a sales clerk at the Irish Prep Shop where I sell merchandise and organize the inventory. That also includes working as Scorer’s Table for the sports matches in the school gym. Lastly, to pursue my interest and strengthen my skills in photography, I am taking AP Photography and am a part of the Photography Club.


Project Update

Introduction The objective of the project is to educate others about the cultural diversity of our SHC community. In today’s society, it’s important to be more open-minded about the different traditional points of view and how to react to the impact of cultural diversity in a rapidly changing world. Gaining a better understanding of one’s […] Read more

My Sophomore Project Plan 2021-22

Currently, my main goal for Around the SHC World is to educate our community about the ongoing diversity of backgrounds in our own school. To do this, I plan on interviewing students and staff, with the consent of course, about their cultural stories and perspectives. At the same time, I want to photograph places that […] Read more

i2 Projects


Everyone has their own opinions and ideas, which leads to publishing articles about the same thing but being told in multiple ways. We thought about having a platform where people can share their thoughts about the various news being broadcasted to the world. This would help people learn from each other and open up to individual feelings and thoughts.

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Around the SHC World

As of now, Sacred Heart Cathedral is a melting pot of backgrounds. The school is filled with a multitude of ethnic groups, so many that from time to time some people are not heard as much as others. And for that, equality has declined. Using social media and the art of photography, I want to encourage our school to be more knowledgeable about other people's beliefs and lifestyles, for we all have equally different aspects. Around the SHC World is a project that focuses on making everyone feel accepted and included in the school community, giving voices a chance to be heard.

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Eco-Friendly Alternative Disinfectant (EFAD)

With a constantly advancing society, ways have been found to eliminate a majority of the viruses and bacteria on everyday surfaces and objects we touch through bleach and bacterial sprays. However, almost all germicides contain harsh chemicals that harm the planet when washed or flushed down the drain, corroding our irrigation systems with chemical runoff. The Eco-Friendly Disinfectant Alternative, or EFAD, is designed to be strictly made of natural elements but still bring the same impact of cleanliness as chemical disinfectants.

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