Rylan Gutierrez


Welcome to my i2 page! My name is Rylan Gutierrez, and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

I am currently a participant in the Japanese club, Photography club, a manager for JV basketball, and a member of the offseason track lifting team. During my freshman year, I was a player for SHC Boys Basketball. I fell in love with the community and atmosphere the program had to offer and decided to come back as a manager for my sophomore year.

Outside of school, I play basketball, lift, and code during my free time. I was introduced to the sport of basketball when I was in fourth grade, and I instantly fell in love with the sport. No matter how stressed I may be, as soon as I lace my shoes and take my first dribble, all my problems disappear. I see the sport as a work of art. The atmosphere of emotions, intensity, physicality, and competitiveness make the game a beautiful work of art. I have learned countless lessons from playing basketball, but the two most important ideas I have taken away are to always be competitive and never give up. I apply these ideas on the court, in the classroom, and in my everyday life. Without basketball, I would not be who I am today. Just recently, I became very interested in lifting weights and have been obsessed with seeing progress with my body visually and physically. Like basketball, lifting allows me to break from reality and create a sense of peace in my mind. Another recent hobby that I have is coding. Many of my family members majored in computer science/engineering, and I aspire to do the same. I am mostly self-taught, using videos on the internet to help guide me. However, I am taking AP Computer Science this year to help further enhance my knowledge of coding.

Last year, I did an i2 project with two of my friends, Keyon Tanksley and Brandon Holland. We converted a conventional mountain bike into an electric bike from scratch.


i2 2022 Project Update

My i2 project has been going pretty well, but of course, there have been some bumps in the road. I am doing my i2 project with two other fellow i2 students, Brandon Holland and Keyon Tanksley. At first, our original plan for the project was to create a kit that could convert any conventional bicycle […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

Words cannot describe how excited I feel about being a member of the i2 program. In my short time span of being a member of i2, my favorite part has definitely been the community. I have made many close friends and strong bonds due to i2. Every single person is helpful, friendly, and smart. They […] Read more

i2 Projects


Ohm is a passion project composed by me and two other i2 scholars, Keyon Tanksley and Brandon Holland. In this project, our goal is to successfully convert a conventional mountain bike into a fully functional and reliable electrical bike.

Project details