Rylan Gutierrez


Welcome to my i2 page! My name is Rylan Gutierrez, and I am a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

I’m currently engaged in several activities at school. I’m a member of both the Japanese and Badminton clubs, and I also serve as the PR/Marketing officer for the Photography Club. I compete on the Varsity Track and Field Team, with my main events being the long jump and the 100-meter dash. Recently, I enrolled in an academic exploration class on Python machine learning. I found a passion for coding and software development at SHC, which I aim to pursue in the future.

Outside of school, I play the electric guitar, basketball, bowl, and lift during my free time. I have been playing basketball since 3rd grade and have loved it since. I am currently on DC Falcons, and we travel to compete against the top teams in the area. Recently, we won the D1 Vegas Jam on It tournament. Aside from basketball, bowling is something I have been getting interested in. I purchased my first ball for my birthday and have been going to the Classic Bowl in Daly City at least once a week. I enjoy competing against and spending time with my dad, who often bowls with me. I aspire to join a league soon and aim to compete at a respectable level.¬†Additionally, I enjoy playing my electric guitar at home, primarily focusing on rock music. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself with learning song covers and exploring the intricacies of jazz music.

I’ve developed a strong enthusiasm for hitting the gym and lifting weights. Over time, I have learned to love the process more than the accomplishments. This shift in perspective has unlocked a new level of dedication within me, driving me to push my limits and make significant gains in physical strength. I have realized that consistency and putting in the work matters most, rather than relying on external motivation. I apply this mindset to every aspect of my life, and it has been helping me achieve the many accomplishments I am proud of.

Last year, I did an i2 project that was a conceptual design of capturing wave energy and converting it into electricity. This year, Keyon Tanksley and I plan to develop an app that can take in a user’s symptoms and provide possible injuries corresponding to the user’s input. It will provide tips on how to recover and prevent re-injury


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i2 Projects

A.I.R (Athletic Injury Recovery)

Redefining Physical Therapy

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Ohm is a passion project composed by me and two other i2 scholars, Keyon Tanksley and Brandon Holland. In this project, our goal is to successfully convert a conventional mountain bike into a fully functional and reliable electrical bike.

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Powered by Waves (P.B.W)

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