Rylan Gutierrez


Welcome to my i2 page! My name is Rylan Gutierrez, and I am currently a Freshman at SHC. I have an older sister that I look up to and who graduated SHC in the class of 21′. She is currently a Freshman at UC Davis. I was raised in the Bay Area. I went to All souls Catholic School from Kindergarten through Eighth grade where I participated in many co-curricular activities, such as student council, speech club, academic decathlon, band, and various sports.  I always tried my best and pushed myself beyond my limits, no matter what I was doing. in and out of the classroom. Currently, my favorite subject is Math. I enjoy Math because it challenges me. Although it may seem stressful and tedious when you are in the moment, the incremental improvements in understanding and efficiency gains to solve mathematical problems are very fulfilling to me. I find great satisfaction when all the hard work pays off after dedicating hours learning a new equation in order to fully understand it. Further, learning something new and seeing yourself become smarter makes school so much fun.

Aside from academics, I endured the grueling tryouts and was excited to be selected to be a member of the SHC Boys Basketball team. While being in the program, I made extremely strong bonds with my teammates that cannot be severed. From the strenuous practices to the nail-biting games, I have learned many things in the program. You can always push yourself further, but you must display true grit and push yourself beyond your limits. I plan to continue participating in many co-curricular activities and strive to be the best version of myself at SHC.

Outside of school, I am always active. I love working out by lifting weights and doing cardio. To me, working out is like a break from reality. When I am stressed over a big project at school or a huge test coming up, working out never fails to brighten my mood as well as feel rejuvenated. It keeps me in shape for my basketball season and promotes good health for my mind and body. Aside from working out, I love playing video games. I enjoy competing against other people and seeing myself improve every day. Video games allowed me to create memories with my friends that I will never forget. 

This year, I am doing my i2 project with two of my friends, Keyon Tanksley and Brandon Holland. We are converting a conventional mountain bike into an electric bike from scratch. We hope to learn many things about engineering while doing this project.


i2 2022 Project Update

My i2 project has been going pretty well, but of course, there have been some bumps in the road. I am doing my i2 project with two other fellow i2 students, Brandon Holland and Keyon Tanksley. At first, our original plan for the project was to create a kit that could convert any conventional bicycle […] Read more

The i2 Journey Begins

Words cannot describe how excited I feel about being a member of the i2 program. In my short time span of being a member of i2, my favorite part has definitely been the community. I have made many close friends and strong bonds due to i2. Every single person is helpful, friendly, and smart. They […] Read more

i2 Projects


Ohm is a passion project composed by me and two other i2 scholars, Keyon Tanksley and Brandon Holland. In this project, our goal is to successfully convert a conventional mountain bike into a fully functional and reliable electrical bike.

Project details