About The Project


Coping with stress and motivation both in and out of school can be mentally overwhelming; however it all begins with one of the most important aspects of human health: getting enough sleep. We all love a short nap here and there throughout the day.  Most of us probably sleep in until noon on the weekends and would also prefer to do so on weekdays as well, if we had the time. In a perfect world, all teenagers would navigate through their daily obstacles to be able to get a good night’s rest at the end of the day. Unfortunately, most SHC students don’t have the opportunity to get enough sleep. Results from a survey taken by Morgan and I showed that 88% of our SHC student body is sleep deprived, getting less than average amount of sleep needed for teenagers: 8.5-10 hours a night, while over 75% report tiredness and difficulty concentrating throughout the day, especially in their morning classes.

Most SHC students go to sleep at around midnight due to lots of homework and co-curriculars, and wake up at 6 am to go to class. That’s only 6 hours of sleep, when in reality teenagers should be getting around 8.5-10 hours of sleep a day. Students can develop high levels of stress from these activities, which can result in a loss of motivation and energy to “do that last homework assignment”. Our project is a solid solution to these issues, aiming to collect data of an improved sleep schedule of an SHC student, to develop the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide more opportunities for students to relax, or even nap, at school to combat their sleep deprivation, improving their well-being and energy levels. Designed to increase students’ amount of sleep each day, with research supported by Stanford, Cornell, and Hopkins University…introducing you to… Space-Z!

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