Veronica Heyman


Hi I am Veronica Heyman and I am an 11th grader at SHC. I previously attended the Brandeis School of San Francisco for 9 years. I love visiting and exploring the midwest, spending time with my big family and thriving in the summer at an overnight camp in Northern Wisconsin. My family is very involved with the University of Michigan and hopes to see me as a part of the class of 2027. I love to be in the kitchen discovering new recipes. I love interior design and hope to one day become a real estate broker. I am also interested in social justice and the criminal justice system, and hope to learn more about that and dig into the struggles and injustice many individuals face in this world. I am fascinated by the number of people who sit back and watch others as they encounter hardship after hardship, and want to be someone who can step in and make a chance, or at least inspire others to educate themselves and get involved.


i2 2022 project update

I’m making good progress with forming the let them know website. I have been through testing of the google form created to record responses, and I got good feedback. The website is fully functioning, though for now all responses must be turned into cards and sent by myself or another member of the community. I […] Read more

What's next?

I was enthusiastic about my original idea to create a special blanket for babies who had been surrendered, in order to create a sense of grounding before a possible childhood of moving around and not feeling connected to anything. My focus on fire station surrender sites led me to speak with a San Francisco fireman, […] Read more

i2 Projects

Let Them Know @ SHC

Let them know is an online messenger service for members of the SHC community to support one another during these difficult and often negative times. Students, teachers, and staff can send a note to anyone within the community, choose a card template to go with their message, choose a recipient, and make someone's day.

Project details

Safe Harbor

I decided to look into the world of surrendered babies, at safe haven sites like hospitals and fire stations. I find the safe haven baby boxes, an elaborate system to drop off a baby at a fire station, a fascinating system. However, as I soon realized, the firemen are primarily responsible for assessing the child’s medical needs and ensuring their safety. In addition, I was alerted that far too many children are never surrendered to safe haven sites, but rather abandoned in unsafe conditions.

Project details