Ashley Quan


Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am currently a senior and an i2 scholar at Sacred Heart Cathedral. I was born and raised in San Francisco and previously attended Holy Name School where I graduated with the Cross-Curricular Excellence Award.

At SHC, my favorite subjects are math and science. During my sophomore year, I took AP Psychology which furthered my interest in science, specifically how the brain functions. I am a leader of the Asian American Student Union (AASU), where I help plan upcoming meetings and events and host meetings with other leaders. In addition, I am a part of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). Through CSF, I assist teachers by tutoring fellow students and volunteering at local non-profit organizations. I am also an Advisory leader, who guides a group of students through community-building activities, and work at the Irish Prep Shop as a sales associate. Lastly, I am an Irish for a Day ambassador, a group of selected students that bring prospective eighth-graders around campus. Outside of school, I enjoy going to escape rooms, reading mystery novels, and traveling. Since I was young, I have always shown interest in solving puzzles which has been reflected in my love for escape rooms.

Throughout my i2 experience, I strive to make a positive impact on those around me. I hope to provide something informational and beneficial for everyone. Most importantly, I aspire to help improve the well-being of others and positively impact the world. 


Updates to My Project

I have refined my initial project idea, and I am now conducting interviews with various individuals involved in the biotechnology industry. I have asked them about their college and career paths in order to get a better understanding of how universal the biotechnology industry can be. They have shared personal insights and advice to viewers […] Read more

Starting Fresh

This is my third year as an i2 scholar, and I am excited about the new opportunities this year will bring for me. I am still enthusiastic about conducting a project that would help benefit the well-being of others and would like to continue doing so. However, I have decided to not continue with my […] Read more

Reflections on the Liquid Metal Batteries Project

When Sylvia and I first started this project, we thought that our ultimate goal was to create a liquid metal battery. However, we soon learned that we are unable to create a liquid metal battery with the resources we have. Despite this setback, we decided to still continue with the project and make a model […] Read more

Reflections on the SpheroSafe Project

While conducting this project, everything went pretty smoothly. There were a few bumps in the road, but my project partner Sylvia and I were able to produce a great informational website along with our three supplemental infographics. Making this website was a great experience that taught me more about important issues occurring around the world, […] Read more

i2 Projects


Four years of high school is such a short amount of time for high school students to figure out their passions and what they want to pursue in the future. With schoolwork and extracurricular activities, they are barely spending time...

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Liquid Metal Batteries

One of the most important issues that is highly overlooked by society is our carbon footprint. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about prioritizing the health of our home as it provides resources necessary for survival? One of the ways...

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