Jack Kennedy


Hi! My name is Jack Kennedy and I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (SHC) in San Francisco. I was born and raised in San Francisco and I live with my mom, dad, and two younger brothers.

For my middle school years, I attended San Francisco Friends School and it was here that I developed a love for learning. I would say that my favorite class currently is AP Calculus AB because it is extremely interesting, my teacher Ms. Constantino is great, and I always like a good math challenge. I feel like every class is its own little brain puzzle because we always are learning something new, so I constantly feel challenged.

Outside of school, I play basketball for clubs and for SHC. I was varsity basketball co-captain this year when we won a CCS Open Championship. This summer I plan to work on my jump shot to be more effective from outside of the paint. This way I can play more like a guard.

For every year of my i2 project, my primary focus has been homelessness in San Francisco. Growing up in the city I have been exposed to the homelessness crisis on a daily basis. The goal of my projects was to humanize homeless people by telling their life stories, and also provide a resource for SHC students to learn about homelessness. Additionally, I hoped to tell the city government’s side of the story, which is why my groupmates and I interviewed members of the city government.


Project Update #2

Recently we have developed our interview questions for our interviewees. Our goal was to not only highlight some of the misconceptions homeless people experience, but to also prove that those who experience homelessness are human beings. That is why we ask the first 4 questions below, that don’t get into the details of their current […] Read more

Project Update #1

We have recently switched our project from a compassion project back to the homelessness topic that we did last year. While our goal is the same, which is to better educate members of our SHC community on homelessness and the many misconceptions, we plan to achieve this goal through an interview-type series. We have recently […] Read more

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SHC Homelessness Helpers 2021-2022

Help fight the homeless pandemic in SF

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SHC Homelessness Helpers 2023

Documentary about Homelessness in SF

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