Phoebe Joachim


Hello my name is Phoebe Joachim, welcome to my i2 page. I am currently a senior at SHC. While most of my time is spent on school, a constant accompaniment to my days is music. I enjoy divulging into new genres and finding different songs that spark my interest. For extracurriculars, I am one of the leaders of Book Society and the Student Launch Initiative as well as a member of the Speech team. In previous years I have competed in the Original Oratory category in the GGSA IE tournaments and last year I won second place in the Oratorical Interpretation category.

Last year my i2 project was centered on web-shooters, created in the Spider-Man comics. Although the project may appear juvenile, and admittedly a bit self-indulgent, it required me to learn more about various chemicals and their functions as well as beginning to explore the more technical side of building. Artificial spider silk is also in the beginning stages of development and has shown great promise in both the medical and industrial fields. Since I do not have the resources to engineer artificial spider silk myself, these web-shooters should hopefully be one step or window into a possible future.





Summer Summary

My initial plan for this project was to design functional web-shooters, similar to the devices Spider-Man sports in the Marvel Universe (depending on the version). Read more

3/17 Project Update

I’m gradually becoming more familiar with Webflow. It seems rather complicated at first, but once I learned how to do the bare necessities, the program has become far more manageable. The home, rubric, shop, and about page all have a substantial amount of content on them, so now I’m focusing on what improvements I can […] Read more

3/13 Project Update

Today I began organizing the Informed Shopping website. I’ve been using Webflow and it is proving a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I have had to make some design changes, so the site isn’t looking as clean and organized as I had hoped. I hope I can find a solution soon or make more […] Read more

i2 Projects

Spider-Man Web Shooters

This year my i2 project is centered on web-shooters, created in the Spider-Man comics. I embarked on this project was not only to bend the borders between fiction and reality, but to present STEM topics in a manner that encourages young students to learn more about the sciences.

Project details