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Wind Charge

As the time keeps moving forward we see the inevitable moving closer and closer. Everyday the damage that we have done to the Earth has gotten worse and worse. The main contributor to our climate crisis is the use of fossil fuels and the carbon that they emit. Wind energy is a wonderful way to […]

Outcomes of Empowerment

We explored the effects of different levels of culturally embedded women empowerment across the world in a variety of areas such as education, pay, and population.

Liquid Metal Batteries

One of the most important issues that is highly overlooked by society is our carbon footprint. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about prioritizing the health of our home as it provides resources necessary for survival? One of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint is focusing on the technological impacts. Technology requires a power source […]

Electric Go Kart

Watching cars when we were younger made us want to go fast. Additionally, we’ve been to K1 Speed and have loved the thrill of electric go karts. As we’ve grown, so has the desire to have a kart. The biggest problem was the cost: high-end karts cost over $12,000 to start out! We wanted a […]

SHC Homelessness Helpers Website

Growing up in the city, Jack, Aki, Sanders, and Sebastian were all exposed to the homeless crisis at a young age. Riding the bus and MUNI to school provided daily interactions with the homeless. They all always wanted to help the situation, but they never knew how. They figured that other members of the SHC […]