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Polysight For the year of 2024, my i2 project is called Polysight. Poly meaning multiple and sight meaning to look, I thought this was a fitting name for my i2 project. This project is all about political biases within news. It is a application where you can insert a URL of a news article and […]

Chemical Accumulation in the Body

Many young people don’t really know what types of chemicals they are exposing themselves to, and overexposing the body to certain types of chemicals starting from a young age can lead to health issues in the future. This issue is especially important for young people who use social media to get inspiration for different cosmetics […]

Pollinator Pods

Bees are the most important pollinator in our ecosystem, playing a major role in the growth and production of both plants and crops. With bee populations decreasing, it is important that we understand the importance of bees and how to protect them. Without bees pollinating our crops and plants, our ecosystem and food supply would […]


This year’s project is geared more towards product design and creation, as I explored research and computer science in prior years and decided to branch out. After considering many other ideas, I settled on a project that would satiate my desire to build and engineer, making it truly a passion project. This idea originated when […]


This year for my i2 project I created a bot that creates practice tests for the AP Human Geography Exam. I created this program because I realized that studying for free response question tests is much more difficult compared to other types of tests. The main issue is it is hard for students to get […]

Derron Gibson i2 Project 2024 – Personal Garbage Disposal

This project originally was supposed to detect plastics in bins where they shouldn’t and ensure more accountability in the recycling process. I decided to switch to a more broader concept. My project detects how full your garbage bins are and will let you know on your phone when it’s time to take out the trash. […]


This year the project is based around the main fact that tons of sophomores, juniors, and seniors learn how to drive and get their very first car during the school year. Most of the time, this ends up being a used car, due to a multitude of factors like insurance, performance, and likelihood of damaging […]


Our project aims to deliver information about potential class choices from a student-perspective. This is done through surveying some of those who have taken the class and asking them various questions such as how difficult their workload was or how they liked their teacher.


For my 2023-2024 i2 project, I decided to dive into marine cloud brightening as a temporary solution for warming oceans. By creating brighter clouds on the marine layer, sunlight could be reflected away from the ocean. By reflecting sunlight away from the ocean, the ocean would become temporarily cooler. My project started with the initial […]


Our project focuses on the importance of water intake. Drinking a healthy amount of water every day is vital to nourish the body since it helps with brain function, memory, etc. This has been a huge problem, especially for teens since they are less serious about keeping themselves healthier. This tends to turn into a […]

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