Project Profile

Spider-Man Webshooters

This year my i2 project is centered on web-shooters, created in the Spider-Man comics. Although the project may appear juvenile, and admittedly a bit self-indulgent, it has required me to learn more about various chemicals and their functions as well as beginning to explore the more technical side of building. Furthermore, artificial spider silk is […]


Coping with stress and motivation both in and out of school can be mentally overwhelming; however it all begins with one of the most important aspects of human health: getting enough sleep. We all love a short nap here and there throughout the day.  Most of us probably sleep in until noon on the weekends […]

Reaction Game

My project began with a small idea from my brother. My brother is currently taking part in a clinical study with the company Neuroscape. He has an iPad where he does a number of tests in the form of a video game. One of the tests includes two different types of bugs. One he is […]

Testing Bioplastics

As the world looks to combat plastic pollution bioplastics present an appealing option, but are these bioplastics better for the environment? With regular plastics, the problem is they do not rot, over time once the crude oil is converted into a plastic form it will be present in our environment since it breaks down into […]

Get It Done

The Get It Done page is a website that allows busy students and adults alike to learn how to better utilize their calendars and reminders in order to organize their lives in a better, more well-ordered fashion. There are countless different calendar and reminder apps available on our smartphones. However, these apps don’t provide sufficient […]

LED Retrofit

Tail lights failing can be a dangerous thing in many situations. It can get you pulled over or worse, it can get you into an accident. Newer cars are fitted with LED lights throughout but older cars didn’t have this technology. Retrofitting LEDs into older cars can be a safety precaution that costs next to […]

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean was a project inspired by my interest in environmental sciences and my desire to help reduce pollution, focusing on ocean garbage patches. Many people don’t fully understand the impact that they have on the natural world, and our collective ignorance towards matters such as ocean trash can be just as harmful as pollutants, […]

SHC Advisories

     SHC Advisories is a podcast where we send out google forms through Schoology to the SHC student body, asking them questions or advice they might need. We then take these questions and create podcast segments answering topics and giving our advice. For our sophomore year project, we wanted to highlight the important issue […]

Self-Playing Guitar

As a musician I have always been irritated by the extent of my kinesthetic abilities. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and more, however I can only play to the best of my ability. The human limit irritates many musicians when they try to play, or compose. Usually, in my case, I would try to […]

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