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SHC Student Ambassadors HomePage

How can we make SHC Admissions and Student Ambassadors’ jobs easier? Is there a way to encourage more student-to-student interaction? Could a webpage be the solution? For this project, I am designing a website for SHC’s Student Ambassadors. As an ambassador, we are required to give each of our guests a business card with contact […]

Math Genies

There has been a significant improvement in the mathematical proficiency of middle school students over the past three decades. However, a noticeable decline in their academic performance was observed in 2019, as indicated by the nationwide results of the High School Placement Tests. This regression can be attributed to a lack of motivation and a […]

Stigma and How it Affects Teens

My project this year was to compose a presentation about Stigma. This presentation consisted of hours and hours of research, mainly from sources like the NIH (National Library of Medicine), CDC and Healthline. I got this idea because I was thinking about how drastically the pandemic affected many of my peers, but more over why […]

Impactful, Non-Profit Data Analysis

Since 2019 I have been apart of the community of San Francisco Night Ministry. SF Night Ministry is a non-denominational, non-profit organization providing outreach and spiritual care to the homeless and food insecure of the bay area. The Night Ministry is made up of a few different programs, including a Crisis Care Line and Open […]

Work Your Worth

For the 2022-2023 school year, the i2 I am working on is an online platform (utilizing¬† called Work Your Worth. It is a questionnaire that tells you a good pre-season workout routine that helps keeps you in shape for the upcoming season. I wanted to do this project since I have had personal experience of […]

Surfs Up

This year, freshman year, I created a machine-learning algorithm (with some guidance from seniors), to learn about the waves in Pacifica and advise what waves would be best to surf. I wanted to do this project because I love to surf at Pacifica, and I thought it would be fun to code. It ended up […]

The Watch App

I created an app for my running watch to be able to send emergency signals while out on a long run if needed. Here’s the video of me explaining the base concept for the app, and the slide show to follow along:¬†Link

Hold On To Your Butt!

Cigarette butts are the #1 most littered item in the world, having 4.5 trillion butts littered every year worldwide, and 3 billion littered in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. Cigarette filters look like paper, but they contain 12,000 strands of cellulose acetate, a synthetic microplastic that is non-biodegradable. They also include 7,000+ chemicals, at […]

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