Project Profile

Stigma and How it Affects Teens

My project this year was to compose a presentation about Stigma. This presentation consisted of hours and hours of research, mainly from sources like the NIH (National Library of Medicine), CDC and Healthline. I got this idea because I was thinking about how drastically the pandemic affected many of my peers, but more over why […]

Impactful, Non-Profit Data Analysis

Since 2019 I have been apart of the community of San Francisco Night Ministry. SF Night Ministry is a non-denominational, non-profit organization providing outreach and spiritual care to the homeless and food insecure of the bay area. The Night Ministry is made up of a few different programs, including a Crisis Care Line and Open […]

Work Your Worth

For the 2022-2023 school year, the i2 I am working on is an online platform (utilizing called Work Your Worth. It is a questionnaire that tells you a good pre-season workout routine that helps keeps you in shape for the upcoming season. I wanted to do this project since I have had personal experience of […]

Surfs Up

This year, freshman year, I created a machine-learning algorithm (with some guidance from seniors), to learn about the waves in Pacifica and advise what waves would be best to surf. I wanted to do this project because I love to surf at Pacifica, and I thought it would be fun to code. It ended up […]

The Watch App

I created an app for my running watch to be able to send emergency signals while out on a long run if needed. Here’s the video of me explaining the base concept for the app, and the slide show to follow along: Link

Hold On To Your Butt!

Cigarette butts are the #1 most littered item in the world, having 4.5 trillion butts littered every year worldwide, and 3 billion littered in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. Cigarette filters look like paper, but they contain 12,000 strands of cellulose acetate, a synthetic microplastic that is non-biodegradable. They also include 7,000+ chemicals, at […]


Nurti-Pops, as the name suggests, are popsicles that provide nutrition, such as vitamin C. These popsicles make taking medicine much easier and more kid-friendly, or for people who want a sweet treat when taking their daily supplements!

Virtual AI Museum

The virtual AI museum is a virtual reality platform that utilizes advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models to generate realistic images and artwork from user prompts. In a spatial VR environment, users can experience an immersive art experience, examining the art from various angles and sizes. This project is built using Unreal Engine 5 […]

Clothing 4 Claras

Clothing 4 Claras is a non-profit organization that was founded in San Francisco by Kailin Kratz (i2 ’24). It takes clothing from dancers in SF that are lightly used and donate them to smaller schools that are in need or are willing to take them. ​ This effort was started in COVID because as a […]

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