2023-2024 i2 Project Idea

My proposed project idea this year is to create a math tutoring program for middle schoolers, starting at Holy Name School in the Sunset District, that connects SHC high schoolers with younger kids learning mainly learning Algebra 1. This program will mainly aid those who are falling behind in their current math class and need that extra help to catch up, especially with all of the disconnect in math education caused by the pandemic.

My group member Madi Lee and I first recognized this problem when we realized the differences in our own math education in grammar school. Madi went to Holy Name, and because of their fast-moving curriculum, she was able to learn Algebra 2 in eighth grade. She is now a couple years ahead in math compared to the average high schooler, and is taking AP Calculus BC as a junior. On the other hand, because of the slower curriculum offered at my school, as well as the lack of resources provided during the pandemic, I wasn’t able to move ahead in math like Madi, and had to catch up in a lot of foundational math during my freshman year. However, despite our differences, we both realized that having people to ask for homework help or to study with was one of the only ways that we were both able to thrive in our math classes. In many families, especially when students reach a higher level math, parents and siblings are no longer able to sit down with them to guide them through their math homework, so Madi and I wanted to provide that support to middle schoolers.

Math education is applicable to so many subjects, especially in the STEM fields. Without a good math foundation, it is easy to feel like math is “impossible” and being good at it comes from talent, rather than practice. Madi and I both believe that all students should have access to math resources so they can determine what they are really passionate about, rather than basing their future off of what they think they “can’t” do.

At this stage in our project, the biggest obstacle is finding a time to meet with all of the people involved, both from SHC and Holy Name. We have already received a lot of support from both school communities, and can’t wait to get this started in the spring!

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