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Cloud Chamber: 2022/2023 Update

Hello everyone! With the start of a new school year, I’ve been thinking about this years’ project. Currently, it’s between continuing the cloud chamber or going with a new project. Even if I do choose a new project, I will try to get the cloud chamber to work, but only time will tell. Have a […]

Summer Summary

My initial plan for this project was to design functional web-shooters, similar to the devices Spider-Man sports in the Marvel Universe (depending on the version).

Blog Post – Update

A lot has changed since my initial proposal for my project. At first, I came in with the idea that I would be able to program a large program that had multiple different games that tested individual cognitive functions. After doing my research, I have realized that this is not possible with my current ability […]

i2 Blog Post – Introduction

Since I was a kid, technology has been a major part of my life. From the TV where I watched all of my shows, to the iPad I used to play Angry Birds on, I have always interacted with technology. As I have grown older, I’ve gotten sneak peeks into how technology works. Each of […]

Cloud Chamber: April Update

As some people may have seen at the showcase, the cloud chamber didn’t work. Looking at my project, I feel that there were two main issues: the cooling of the peltiers and the size of the chamber. Of the two, the size dictates how much cooling I need, and I only had one peltier cooling. […]

Update 1

I began my project with researching and ordering parts. I ended up ordering about 3 sets of LEDs, one of which was pre-programmed for turn signals. The parts all came relatively quickly and my first few days of work consisted of test fitting. I taped the connections and made sure they worked – the turn […]

Beta Testing My Escape Room

Check out what happened during the trials on my website! or scan the QR code at the bottom of my third infographic! *Spoilers on puzzle answers Also a thank you shoutout to Alissa, Zoe, Kiana, Emily, Maddie, Kelly, Brevin, Alexis, Leah, Faith for participating in the run-throughs and for all your support. I really […]

i2 2022 project update

I’m making good progress with forming the let them know website. I have been through testing of the google form created to record responses, and I got good feedback. The website is fully functioning, though for now all responses must be turned into cards and sent by myself or another member of the community. I […]

Here is My Plan for This Year’s Project:

For my passion project this year, my goal is to somehow integrate my newfound interests in designing and creating. I am planning on designing and potentially making i2 merch. I hope it turns out great, but I’m not sure if people will wear the clothes I design, which is a bit unsettling. It was a […]

2021-2022 Project

This school year I’ve chose to move past my last year’s project which was the KEA Planter. At first I wanted to have the KEA Planter in SHC on a bigger scale, but I’ve decided that the school pretty much has their own watering system down and that SHC wasn’t the greatest place to test […]

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