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High school athletes account for more than 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits, and 30,000 hospital stays each year.  There is a growing need to shift our focus to both the physical and mental healing of the athlete.  ASMusic promotes the healing of the body, mind, and heart after these injuries. ASMusic is a passion […]

i2 Profile

Hi, my name is Deron Lew. I am excited to be a part of i2 this year. In this i2 school community, I plan to create and showcase solutions on topics I feel passionately about.  At school, I enjoy my science and math classes the most.  Both subjects allow me to use my inquisitive personality and […]

My 2023-2024 project idea

Hey everyone! My idea for an i2 project this year is an app that aims to help fight the issue of the trash in SF. While there are so many things with a similar goal, aiming to help clean our city, the issue is so large that I believe any contribution helps. How I plan […]

My 2023-24 Project

This year my project idea is to create a new studying method for high school students using AI. I hope to create a program where you enter what you want to be quizzed on, then the AI comes up with questions. The student will then type out an answer to the question and it will […]

My 2023-2024 i2 Project

For my 2023-2024 i2 project, my proposed idea is to create a program that’s an extension of my original website atypicalautism. One thing that’s a huge part of my website is resources for families and individuals. Therefore, the main goal of the program is that it’s a student-led and volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping families […]

2023-24 Project

So, here’s the idea: essentially, I’ll be trying to evolve creatures to perform certain tasks like walking, jumping, or swimming. These creatures will be evolved in a 3d world with physics to hopefully produce creatures that move somewhat like those found in the real world. This idea was inspired by Karl Sims’ similar project, “Evolved […]

2023-24 Project Idea

This year I am working with Rell Gentzler to create a robot that has the ability to reproduce itself. This idea came upon us because in biology class we were talking about the five criteria used to define life, and we wondered whether or not a robot could have these five criteria. One of these […]

2023-2024 i2 Project Ideas

Project Ideas – Blake Almon For the sophomore year the project idea for i2 which I lean towards the most this year is fully automated youtube channel that is controlled by a trained machine learning algorithm. I hope to allow the algorithm full access of tools, information, and the youtube channel itself to see what […]

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