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Space-Z Phase 1: Location and Pre-Testing (January 11-26)

After the shark tank, we met with Mr. Standley to talk with him about our potential ideas for nap zone spaces. With his advice, we reached out to Mr. Sazo, one of the deans, to talk with him about our ideas for our i2 project. Early January, he gave us permission to use the upper […]

Space-Z: Shark Tank Reflections November 29, 2022 (Phase 0)

This was the first year Mr. Standley wanted to do a shark tank to make sure students had their i2 projects all thought out by the end of November. A few days before we were set to present to our sharks, Morgan and I polished off the rest of our presentation slides. We had our […]

Strengths test

In order to explore how we work in groups, and view our leadership talents overall, our i2 classes took the Meyers Briggs and a Strength Finders test. My result from the Meyers Briggs test was ISTP (Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting). Using information from 16Personalities, I can relate to having an individualistic mindset, as I […]

Meyers Briggs Reflection

The Meyer Briggs assessment reported that I am an INFP, meaning I seek harmony, am creative, and have a very internal focus, according to For the StrengthsFinder test, my top five results were Learner, Input, Restorative, Individualization, and Deliberative. I think both of these profiles are fairly accurate to who I am. In terms […]

Meyers Briggs and StrengthsFinders Reflection

According to my Meyers Briggs profile, I am an ISFP (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving). For the StrengthsFinders profile/strengths assessment, my top five were 1) Intellection, 2) Includer, 3) Achiever, 4) Adaptability, and 5) Learner. These profiles did match largely to how I see myself, especially on the Big Five strengths/talents. My number one talent/strength according […]

Meyers Briggs Reflection

The strength test gave me my 5 strongest strengths as an achiever, discipline, competition, harmony, and restorative. These results were honestly what I expected because 4 of the strengths resonate very strongly with me. The one that I didn’t predict was harmony, but now I realize that I am someone who tries to be a […]

Cloud Chamber: 2022/2023 Update

Hello everyone! With the start of a new school year, I’ve been thinking about this years’ project. Currently, it’s between continuing the cloud chamber or going with a new project. Even if I do choose a new project, I will try to get the cloud chamber to work, but only time will tell. Have a […]

Summer Summary

My initial plan for this project was to design functional web-shooters, similar to the devices Spider-Man sports in the Marvel Universe (depending on the version).

Blog Post – Update

A lot has changed since my initial proposal for my project. At first, I came in with the idea that I would be able to program a large program that had multiple different games that tested individual cognitive functions. After doing my research, I have realized that this is not possible with my current ability […]

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