About Kismet


Everyone has a passion hidden within themselves — why not start uncovering it early? Unbeknown to many, hidden passions could potentially be life-changing, but what if one doesn’t have the chance or resources need for it to come into fruition?  

Kismet is a mentorship program that enables kids from all over the Bay Area to discover new interests. In children’s formative years, identifying a passion(s) at a young age is extremely useful. By exposing kids to a wide range of activities and extracurriculars, we hope to enable kids to identify and pursue their passion. Viewing the rest of their life through the lens of their interests allows them to consciously pursue their interest, ultimately leading to more success in a field they’re actually passionate about.

We started by connecting with De Marillac Academy for our initial program test to find out the best way to help engage and mentor students. Our courses varied with art, science, english, and some limited sports, the students were introduced to a larger scale of activities to choose from. Our second location, Up on Top, allows mentors to create closer relationships with mentors from more individualized activities.

Kids connect better with people their age which is why we utilize skilled high school mentors who share similar interests with their mentees. To ensure that the mentor will form a strong bond with the mentee, the high schoolers will regularly meet with their assigned mentee. 

By exposing students to a wide array of possible pathways into different fields, we hope to give kids a head start into pursuing a potentially transformative, life-long passion.

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