Tag: 2020

Plant made Plastic

For my project this year, I developed multiple plant-based, easily accessible, and recycled bioplastics. All ingredients were easy and inexpensive to get, or traditional leftover food scraps. Some examples include an eggshell-based composite, a coffee-based composite, and a starch-based bioplastic similar to a Ziploc bag.

Freshman Year Transition

My goal for my i2 project this year is to help future freshmen transitioning from public schools to SHC. I became interested in this topic by noticing that my peers from public schools were struggling to adapt to SHC, more so than our fellow freshmen who hailed from private middle schools. This project is important […]

Living Roof Model

For my Sophomore Year i2 Project, I chose to make a model of a living roof. The idea came from creating a cost-effective living roof which was to be placed on a residential building. So, this is exactly what I set out to do. Firstly, I had to research. I learned all about living roofs […]


Brandt and Angel first became interested in the topic of mental health in their Freshman year, and have pursued their learning in this area through their Psychology class, where they learned about the different aspects of an individual’s mental health. Through COVID-19, they became increasingly aware of another pandemic– a mental health pandemic. Especially in […]

AI Picasso

My project, A.I. Picasso, is a mechanical pen plotter controlled by an artificial intelligence program. The A.I. program can recognize human faces and convert the images into drawing instructions. The robotic arm then follows the instructions to draw out the sketches of the faces. The goal of this project is to introduce artificial intelligence to […]

Redefining Organic

This project aims to inform consumers if their food is completely sustainable, including packaging, shipment, pesticide use, and other factors. Many people end up paying extra money to buy organic produce, personal care products, textiles, and more. But are these products actually sustainable for the environment? Currently, an “organic” label can mean anything from 70% […]


Link to CalTrails! CalTrails is an online tool which lists curated hiking trails in the Bay Area which are easily accessible by public transit and a reasonable distance from downtown San Francisco. This project was realized out of my frustration in finding new places to hike during the pandemic. Like many people, I rediscovered my […]