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Surfs Up

This year, freshman year, I created a machine-learning algorithm (with some guidance from seniors), to learn about the waves in Pacifica and advise what waves would be best to surf. I wanted to do this project because I love to surf at Pacifica, and I thought it would be fun to code. It ended up […]


Bordle, which you yourself can play here, is a parody of the popular Wordle game. This version, however, allows you to choose how long the word is that you want to guess and to play practice games in the “infinite” mode. Bordle uses a pseudo random number generator using the date as a seed to […]

To Address the Climate Crisis, Include the Classroom

Why are we not acting to prevent irreversible climate change? Why do we not talk about this global crisis? How are Bay Area high school teachers addressing climate change in the classroom? Are they addressing it? I conducted a survey of local high school teachers from across disciplines to get a better sense of how […]


The future is Electric, and there’s no denying it. Year after year the demand for electric vehicles doubles as an industry forms around new technologies. As the technology advances, haven’t you ever wondered how it works? The idea for Project Ohm initially came to fruition after three friends not having any idea of what to […]

Get It Done

The Get It Done page is a website that allows busy students and adults alike to learn how to better utilize their calendars and reminders in order to organize their lives in a better, more well-ordered fashion. There are countless different calendar and reminder apps available on our smartphones. However, these apps don’t provide sufficient […]

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean was a project inspired by my interest in environmental sciences and my desire to help reduce pollution, focusing on ocean garbage patches. Many people don’t fully understand the impact that they have on the natural world, and our collective ignorance towards matters such as ocean trash can be just as harmful as pollutants, […]

Frettie, the Self-Playing Guitar Machine

As a musician I have always been irritated by the extent of my kinesthetic abilities. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and more, however I can only play to the best of my ability. The human limit irritates many musicians when they try to play, or compose. Usually, in my case, I would try to […]

Intentional Living

Everyone has procrastinated at some point or another — including you. But that’s okay! There is no need denying  it — we pretty much all do it. According to National University, 86% of high school students have experienced chronic procrastination. That is a daunting number, a number that has increased exponentially since lockdown began. With […]


What is scoliosis, really? How do people get scoliosis? Who is affected by scoliosis? These questions and more are answered in SSA, Spreading Scoliosis Awareness, my i2 2022 Project, that involves a website doing just that.

Eradicator of Maladies

Disease has plagued humanity ever since it first walked upon this Earth; they have ravaged entire nations, wiping out unbelievably large numbers of people. They still wreak havoc to this day, for mankind is amidst a pandemic. But the reason why we still stand here today able to go around in our everyday lives and […]

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