Tag: 2022

Bacteria Cafeteria

Bacteria Cafeteria is a project focused on testing how much bacteria accumulates on different types of masks over different periods of time. Through these experiments, we will be able to decipher the most suitable material and time to clean or dispose of your mask. Faith and I will conduct these experiments using three different materials […]


As a city biker I always was cautious and nervous of what was behind me on the streets and after initially thinking about bike safety I joined i2 and an idea came to me. So I researched online and found that most bicycle accidents and collision occur from the rear and that bike accidents have […]

The Memory Palace (TedX)

Alongside my MIDI fractals project which has become a pure passion project, I have been crafting a TedX talk in place of my 11th grade i2 project. The topic of the talk is something I am quite excited about: the memory palace, or more professionally, the method of loci. This is a subject that I […]

Informed Shopping

The goal of this project is to create a website centralizing information on various clothing stores. Using the stoplight system (green, yellow, red) a corporation will fall under one of the three categories determining their environmental effects. Visitors to the site will be able to quickly recognize whether the company has had a positive effect […]

Teaching Teens Investing

As we approach adulthood, it becomes more and more important that we know how to manage our money. However, many teens agree that we feel very unprepared for financial situations we will face in the future. Our project seeks to solve this problem by educating teenagers with our website theteeninvestors.com. Our project aims not only […]

Shuffle Boards

Shuffle Boards is a board game made up of four different game boards. The objective of the game is to cross each board and reach the end, though there are spaces which would shuffle the boards around—and could turn the entire game around. This game can by played by two or more players, and is […]

The Rabbit Burrow – Homemade Goods Shop

Our i2 project this year is to develop an online shop that sells homemade products, gifts, and art. Some of the products will include crocheted animals, stickers, and drawings (possible commissions). We’re creating this shop to raise awareness of certain charities (related to the environment, poverty, education, etc.) as well as showcase our art on […]

Train the Brain

After reading Dr. Kawashima’s book about brain training, I got invested in the topic. This book taught me a lot about what’s practical for the brain, how it affects you, and whether this type of training is worth it. So, after doing some more external research, I created a website showcasing exercises like the ones […]

How Social Media Standards Affect Mental Health

In this era, almost everybody has seen or at least heard of social media. It is everywhere, and there are billions of people that use it and even consider it as a part of their daily life. However, we believe that social media has adverse effects that are hidden behind its alluring facade: effects that […]

Piezoelectric Shoes

The goal of our project is to allow us to charge a portable device while walking or running. Our piezoelectric shoes use the kinetic energy that you produce when you walk or run and turn it into electrical energy through the piezoelectric crystals in the base of the shoe. By using 14 crystals connected in […]