Tag: 2025

Ivan Qiu

Hey, I’m Ivan. 3 things I enjoy are cooking, tennis, and watching anything that comes up on my youtube feed. This year at SHC, I’m a Junior, and I’m participating in Boy’s Varsity Tennis, TedX, the Science Olympiad, Mandarin Club, Badminton Club, and of course i2. Four AP’s I’m currently taking are APUSH, AP Lang, […]

Samad Cooper

My name is Samad Cooper and I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory located in San Francisco, California. My hobbies include playing basketball, video games, and watching sports. Goals I have for myself is to be accepted into an academically strong and welcoming college. I hope to make the most out of my […]

Bill Smith

Hello world! I’m Bill. I enjoy climbing (be that on rocks, walls, or doorframes) and solving interesting problems. I was admitted to the i2 program after writing Bordle, a parody of the popular Wordle game. That got me into building websites, and after taking a crack at making a gerrymandering simulator for my sophomore i2 […]

Shane Ryan

Hello everyone! My name is Shane and I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral. At SHC, I’m ¬†pursuing baseball and music in addition to academics.¬† Currently, I’m on the JV Baseball team and am looking to make the team again this year. I play percussion in the SHC Concert Band and SHC Jazz […]

Brandon Holland

Hey, I’m Brandon and I’m a junior in the i2 program here at Sacred Heart Cathedral. At school I currently participate in Tedx Youth, Robotics Club, Finance Club, Coding Club, and Badminton Club. I’m also on the JV men’s swim team and play in the orchestra. This year I’ve been fortunate enough be leading the […]