Student Profile

Linh Chi Doan

My name is Linh Chi Doan and I am a freshman at SHC. High school has been a huge adjustment for me, but it has been an amazing and exciting experience. So far, I have joined Robotics, SLI, Badminton Club, AASU, Stress-Free, LVY, and Tea Club. SHC has become a second home to me since […]

Bram Salverda

Bram Salverda, Grade 9. So far, I’m in a fishing club, cheese club, and game club. I would like to join the robotics club. I play for the freshman football team with Fionn, Logan, and Shanti. I also like to build things. My dad and I are currently working on a small one-room building in […]

Killian Hourihan

Salutations! My name is Killian Hourihan. I am what those in the industry might refer to as a “nerd,” but do still partake in non-nerd activities. The main way in which I derive my nerdiness is through my fascination with math and computer science. I’ve worked on a bunch of interesting projects, including a realistic […]

Padma Ignatius

Hi my name is Padma Ignatius. Currently, I am a junior at SHC and I am truly hoping this year goes well! Before SHC, I attended St. Brendan from kindergarten to eighth grade. I participated in all the sports that they offered—volleyball, soccer, and basketball— and played club volleyball for three years up until COVID-19 […]

Philip Marinov ~ % cat philipmarinovbiography.txt My name is Philip Marinov, and I am currently a freshman. I love programming and building, specifically in the automation and robotics realms. I’ve been working with computers since I can remember, starting with Python and, over time, advancing to other languages such as Javascript, Golang, C, and Lua, whilst […]

Lucas Kwan

Hi! I’m Lucas, I’m in the ninth grade right now and I usually participate in Game Club and Board Game Club. Outside of SHC I play tennis with my friends when I can and I am part of the San Francisco Kendo Dojo and participate in local tournaments. I’ve been playing tennis for about 3-4 […]

Maggie Orr

Hi, my name Maggie Orr and I am in ninth grade. I love running on the cross country team and want to learn how to crochet in the knitting and crochet club. I enjoy reading historical fiction in order to really connect to the past and painting secret images all over my house. I have […]

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