Student Profile

Matthew Wells

My name is Matthew Wells. I am in ninth grade at SHC. I have been enjoying everything at school so far, and I joined the Cheese Club. I also plan on trying out for the track team later this school year. I started running track last year, and I really enjoyed it. I won first […]

Bram Salverda

My name is Bram Salverda, I’m in grade 9. So far, I’m in fishing club, cheese club, and game club. I would like to join robotics club, however, because robotics and engineering has al. I play for the freshman football team with Fionn, Logan, and Shanti. I also like to build things. My dad and […]

Ava Perez

Hi! My name is Ava Perez and I am a freshman at SHC. So far, I  have joined two clubs, Kapamilya and Sports Medicine. Outside of school, I am a candidate for my black belt in Taekwondo, which I have been dedicated to doing for 5 years. I think it is a great way to […]

Piper Johnson

Hi! My name is Piper Johnson and I am in 9th grade. So far, I have enjoyed playing tennis and hanging out with friends. Outside of school, most of my time is spent on the soccer field. I have been playing soccer since I was 4, and playing competitively since third grade. As of now, […]

Hayden Xie

Hello! My name is Hayden and I am currently a freshman at SHC. I’ve been having a fantastic time as a ninth grader so far. I am involved in Speech and Debate, Robotics, the Student Launch Initiative as far as clubs go. I have not been to SLI yet because there haven’t been any meetings […]

Ashley Wang

I am in ninth grade. So far, the club I’ve enjoyed the most is the tea club. I enjoy baking and cooking in my free time. Baking and cooking are what I usually do to relax, and I always share what I make with my friends and family. Making things that other people will enjoy makes […]

Alexander Chang

Hello! I’m Alexander Chang, but most people call me Alex. I’m currently a 9th grader and I’m a part of the Mandarin Club and Concert Choir and hopefully the Sports Medicine Club at SHC. Outside of SHC, I’m a part of the Sunset Youth Orchestra where I play as a second violin. I’ve participated in […]

Kieran Batchelli-Hennessey

I’m Kieran Batchelli-Hennessey. I’m in 9th grade. I like to work in the lighting part of tech crew. I’ve also just started with the D&D club. Outside of school I play musical instruments like the bagpipes and I do programming projects. I find history interesting because I like to learn about the world’s cultures and […]

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