Student Profile

Leo Thomson

Hi, my name’s Leo Thomson, and I’m in ninth grade. I play football and baseball, and enjoy rock climbing, singing, and surfing. I have been playing baseball for nine years, and am a catcher. So far in school, I am enjoying all of my subjects, but I especially like math, science, world history and religion.         

Nico Aldaz

My name is Nico Aldaz, and I am in 9th grade. So far in the school year, I am in the Gaming Club and Cugini Club, both of which I enjoy greatly. I don’t do any clubs or activities outside of school yet, though. Some things I find interesting about school and SHC in general […]

Jackson Blossom

I am currently a freshman here at SHC. In school, I enjoy spending time in orchestra, debate, and photography. In the future, I plan to continue pursuing music wherever I can. I starting playing the violin in 4th graph, and from then on really enjoyed any time playing music. I also starting playing a little […]

Deron Lew

Hi, my name is Deron Lew. I am excited to be a part of i2 this year. In this i2 school community, I plan to create and showcase solutions on topics I feel passionately about.  At school, I enjoy my science and math classes the most.  Both subjects allow me to use my inquisitive personality and […]

Linh Chi Doan

My name is Linh Chi Doan and I am a freshman at SHC. High school has been a huge adjustment for me, but it has been an amazing and exciting experience. So far, I have joined Robotics, SLI, Badminton Club, AASU, Stress-Free, LVY, and Tea Club. SHC has become a second home to me since […]

Bram Salverda

Bram Salverda, Grade 9. So far, I’m in a fishing club, cheese club, and game club. I would like to join the robotics club. I play for the freshman football team with Fionn, Logan, and Shanti. I also like to build things. My dad and I are currently working on a small one-room building in […]

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