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The “AI”ssistant

The “Assistant is a football play-caller who takes information about the game and returns a play for every player to run. It takes the description of the game, the skill of your players, the score, time, quarter, down, and distance and returns a play call, the pre-snap formation, and an individual route for each player.

Shoota AI | My 2021-2022 Project

11/12/2023 Last year, I designed an artificial intelligence system that could track and record the location of players on a soccer pitch. My goal was to help soccer players improve their gameplay with relevant and useful statistics that are not available to the majority of athletes. My idea formed as a result of personal experience. […]

Shoota AI

Shoota AI is an innovative soccer analytics system that enhances the way we understand and analyze soccer matches. By harnessing the power of advanced computer vision technologies, including YOLO object detection and the DeepSort tracking algorithm, the system can accurately track the movement of the ball and every player on the field. It intelligently distinguishes […]

Deflection Matrix

For the 2021-2022 school year, my i2 project is called the Deflection Matrix,  a lightweight, portable set of devices that can be planted into grass fields and used for goalkeeping practices to train reaction time and hand-eye coordination. With my father being a goalkeeper coach, I always see him trying to find ways to create […]