Tag: Environment

Project Greenwater

Project Greenwater is a working model of a greywater system to prove that it works and can be easily implemented. Greywater systems filter dirty water from your shower, washing machine, and sink so that you can use it to water your plants (but not drink). Currently, it’s a technology that not many people use, but […]

Plastic Ocean

Plastic Ocean was a project inspired by my interest in environmental sciences and my desire to help reduce pollution, focusing on ocean garbage patches. Many people don’t fully understand the impact that they have on the natural world, and our collective ignorance towards matters such as ocean trash can be just as harmful as pollutants, […]

Crafts For Change

From the very start of this school year, I knew I wanted my project to involve the worsening climate crisis. When brainstorming ideas, I found it difficult to come up with a doable project that would bring about an actual change in the world. Everything I initially devised was either unrealistic in scale or had […]

Plant made Plastic

For my project this year, I developed multiple plant-based, easily accessible, and recycled bioplastics. All ingredients were easy and inexpensive to get, or traditional leftover food scraps. Some examples include an eggshell-based composite, a coffee-based composite, and a starch-based bioplastic similar to a Ziploc bag.

KEA Planter

When our group was coming up with an idea for our project, we all saw that we were all interested in the environment. We wanted to do something that would benefit people who are trying to grow a garden, but might be unable to consistently take care of it. As a result, we decide to […]

Liquid Metal Batteries

One of the most important issues that is highly overlooked by society is our carbon footprint. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about prioritizing the health of our home as it provides resources necessary for survival? One of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint is focusing on the technological impacts. Technology requires a power source […]

Living Roof Model

For my Sophomore Year i2 Project, I chose to make a model of a living roof. The idea came from creating a cost-effective living roof which was to be placed on a residential building. So, this is exactly what I set out to do. Firstly, I had to research. I learned all about living roofs […]

Redefining Organic

This project aims to inform consumers if their food is completely sustainable, including packaging, shipment, pesticide use, and other factors. Many people end up paying extra money to buy organic produce, personal care products, textiles, and more. But are these products actually sustainable for the environment? Currently, an “organic” label can mean anything from 70% […]

Growing Hope: An Urban Planting Guide

Growing regeneratively provides an answer to completely reverse climate change should its implementation become worldwide. How might we be able to contribute to this developing agricultural movement in an urban environment? This project hopes to act as a concise and understandable guide on growing plant life in a city, no matter how small the plot […]

Creating Bioplastic

After traveling, swimming, surfing, and researching, I became invested in our growing plastic problem. I googled what I could do to help, attended beach cleanups, and research new solutions. One that interested me was bioplastics. Many utensils had become compostable, and this idea of bioplastic was rising, but I felt its use was minimal in […]