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Forecasting Futures: AI In Healthcare

Check out my Prezi here: https://prezi.com/view/bz7w7Hv4qh1n45X5DJRY/ Right now, the big question about Artificial Intelligence in ANY workforce is that nobody knows for sure what is going to happen or how people will be affected. The unknown is one of the scariest parts of the future.  By better understanding what CAN happen, people will  develop an […]

Nikhil Bulchandani

Hi! My name is Nikhil Bulchandani, graduating class of 2026 here at SHCP.   At SHC, I play on the JV volleyball team and am part of the Art in Action club.    Outside of school, some of my interests include video games, coding, and stocks.

Pediatric Radiology Next Generation

For my first i2 project, I have come in contact with a Pediatric Radiologist at UCSF. Together we have created social media accounts to promote the dwindling workforce. My appreciation for a large medical workforce sprung from my mom. She is a Pediatrician and is constantly telling me how overwork she and her colleagues are. […]


With my previous experience with Raspberry Pi, I would like to continue to explore the capability of the single-board machine to understand the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and apply the technology to the medical field. Due to the pandemic, our health system is under lots of stress. Health professionals were unable to […]

A Better Brace

For the 2020 – 2021 school year, for my i2 project, I decided to redesign the typical model for a standard armbrace given to a patient after breaking a bone in the arm or wrist. I improved the design by making it lighter, more comfortable, and less expensive. To make it lighter, I decided to […]

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence is a project mainly targeted at youth generations but appealable to all generations overall in a simple, clean format. Ayurvedic Medicine is a centuries old alternative medicine system and being Hindu myself, I grew up with this medicine around my family. Western medicine is significant, but I believe that Ayurvedic Medicine […]

Arch Support Socks

This project is an arch support sock that can be worn around the house. As a result of my experience with a foot injury, I learned that adequate arch supports are necessary to a quick recovery. Through my recovery, I mainly used a custom arch support insert you place in shoes, and this helped me […]