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Around the SHC World

As of now, Sacred Heart Cathedral is a melting pot of backgrounds. The school is filled with a multitude of ethnic groups, so many that from time to time some people are not heard as much as others. And for that, equality has declined. Using social media and the art of photography, I want to […]

Project Escape: Doomsday

Today, many people spend their time looking down on their phones and/or on social media; anonymity making it difficult to recognize the impact of our everyday actions as we “hide” behind our screens. For example, trolling is the result of disinhibition to say something as a reflex, without taking the time to consider what effects […]

Outcomes of Empowerment

We explored the effects of different levels of culturally embedded women empowerment across the world in a variety of areas such as education, pay, and population.

Safe Harbor

For my i2 project, I decided to look into the world of surrendered babies, at safe haven sites like hospitals and fire stations. I had an idea to mimic the red white and blue most babies are wrapped in at American hospitals, but change them to be special to the infants being taken in after […]

Freshman Year Transition

My goal for my i2 project this year is to help future freshmen transitioning from public schools to SHC. I became interested in this topic by noticing that my peers from public schools were struggling to adapt to SHC, more so than our fellow freshmen who hailed from private middle schools. This project is important […]

Freshman Transition Support

My project addressed the different experiences freshmen students had during their 8th-grade year and at SHC in their freshman year based on the middle school they attended. COVID affected each and every student in San Francisco in different ways, but my project showed that students from public schools were at a disadvantage as a result […]


With the rise of crime and violence, nothing has been more important than staying safe. Especially with the Black Lives Matter movement and Anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate crimes, racially motivated violence has been a central topic for news and media outlets. The main question focuses on how individuals can stay protected during […]


My 10th grade i2 project is focused on the creation of Scéal, a digital magazine for SHC teens focused on building empathy through storytelling. My project originated in the 9th grade when I explored the issue of empathy building in teens. The problem in today’s world is that teens often live in a perpetual echo […]

SHC Homelessness Helpers Website

Growing up in the city, Jack, Aki, Sanders, and Sebastian were all exposed to the homeless crisis at a young age. Riding the bus and MUNI to school provided daily interactions with the homeless. They all always wanted to help the situation, but they never knew how. They figured that other members of the SHC […]

The Pledge

As a part of SLI, the team tried to come up with a project that would make us as teenagers feel like we could be making a difference. We all know from firsthand experience that when a lot is going on in the world, it feels bad to not be able to do anything about […]