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Cereal Finder

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why is it also the most overlooked? Mornings are rushed, but nutrition shouldn’t be sacrificed as a result. In theory, cereals would be the perfect solution: no preparation required, quick to eat, and little clean-up, but they are often packed with concerning amounts of sugar […]

Schoology App Redesign

I set out to solve Schoology’s poor user interface using a REST API. Schoology, especially its mobile app, have plenty of utility but are very inefficient to work with. Here’s a quote from one GusSnarp on the App Store: “Schoology itself is a poorly designed system that attempts to turn what ought to be like […]

A Better Brace

For the 2020 – 2021 school year, for my i2 project, I decided to redesign the typical model for a standard armbrace given to a patient after breaking a bone in the arm or wrist. I improved the design by making it lighter, more comfortable, and less expensive. To make it lighter, I decided to […]

Crafts For Change

From the very start of this school year, I knew I wanted my project to involve the worsening climate crisis. When brainstorming ideas, I found it difficult to come up with a doable project that would bring about an actual change in the world. Everything I initially devised was either unrealistic in scale or had […]

Wind Charge

As the time keeps moving forward we see the inevitable moving closer and closer. Everyday the damage that we have done to the Earth has gotten worse and worse. The main contributor to our climate crisis is the use of fossil fuels and the carbon that they emit. Wind energy is a wonderful way to […]

Outcomes of Empowerment

We explored the effects of different levels of culturally embedded women empowerment across the world in a variety of areas such as education, pay, and population.

Reflector Telescope

Fun to make and even more fun to use, a reflector telescope is the perfect device for viewing the night sky. The first reflecting telescope, the Newtonian Telescope, was built in 1668 as an alternative to the refracting telescope. Isaac Newton, the inventor, used a large concave mirror to focus light onto a small, flat […]

Safe Harbor

For my i2 project, I decided to look into the world of surrendered babies, at safe haven sites like hospitals and fire stations. I had an idea to mimic the red white and blue most babies are wrapped in at American hospitals, but change them to be special to the infants being taken in after […]

Motorized Kayak

For my project in 2020-2021, I motorized a large kayak. I decided on this project because I love to build, design, and to apply my skills in the real world. I was motivated to make this kayak electric after seeing the effects of gas on the Russian River, where my family has a house. I […]

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence is a project mainly targeted at youth generations but appealable to all generations overall in a simple, clean format. Ayurvedic Medicine is a centuries old alternative medicine system and being Hindu myself, I grew up with this medicine around my family. Western medicine is significant, but I believe that Ayurvedic Medicine […]

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