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Shoota AI | My 2021-2022 Project

11/12/2023 Last year, I designed an artificial intelligence system that could track and record the location of players on a soccer pitch. My goal was to help soccer players improve their gameplay with relevant and useful statistics that are not available to the majority of athletes. My idea formed as a result of personal experience. […]

Stigma and How it Affects Teens

My project this year was to compose a presentation about Stigma. This presentation consisted of hours and hours of research, mainly from sources like the NIH (National Library of Medicine), CDC and Healthline. I got this idea because I was thinking about how drastically the pandemic affected many of my peers, but more over why […]

Impactful, Non-Profit Data Analysis

Since 2019 I have been apart of the community of San Francisco Night Ministry. SF Night Ministry is a non-denominational, non-profit organization providing outreach and spiritual care to the homeless and food insecure of the bay area. The Night Ministry is made up of a few different programs, including a Crisis Care Line and Open […]

Work Your Worth

For the 2022-2023 school year, the i2 I am working on is an online platform (utilizing¬†typeform.com) called Work Your Worth. It is a questionnaire that tells you a good pre-season workout routine that helps keeps you in shape for the upcoming season. I wanted to do this project since I have had personal experience of […]


The purpose of my project is to aid the physically challenged, specifically the blind or the blind and deaf, by reducing the amount of unexpected contact they receive and detecting small or moving objects. Basically, my guide cane emits a pulse out in the distance and times how long it takes to receive an echo […]


Nurti-Pops, as the name suggests, are popsicles that provide nutrition, such as vitamin C. These popsicles make taking medicine much easier and more kid-friendly, or for people who want a sweet treat when taking their daily supplements!

Nikhil Bulchandani

Hi! My name is Nikhil Bulchandani, graduating class of 2026 here at SHCP.   At SHC, I play on the JV volleyball team and am part of the Art in Action club.¬†   Outside of school, some of my interests include video games, coding, and stocks.

Sebastian Gonzalez-Moore

Hello my name is Sebastian and I am a Junior in the class of 2024. I was born and raised in San Francisco and have lived my whole life here. I attended Saint Vincent De Paul before I chose to come to SHCP. I really enjoy learning about APUSH, Calculus and mathematical concepts in school […]

The Mental Central (2023)

Angeline, Emma, Fiona, and Henry have noticed their peers or even themselves have experienced the struggles of keeping up with their mental health; whether it be due to stress in school, pressure in sports, or even just anxiety about day-to-day experiences. They found that there weren’t many ways to express this feeling within themselves in […]

Does High School Basketball Success Translate to College Basketball Success?

Many Successful High School Basketball players have professional or nba aspirations for their futures. But how many of these high school basketball players actually fulfill their dreams of being successful in college? My 2023 I2 Project will be analyzing and researching the top high school basketball players to come out of America(according to ESPN) from […]

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