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A Cooler Chair

The goal of my project is to build an active cooling system for a chair that is efficient in its energy use, customizable in terms of fan position, and one which is good at cooling the user. While it’s been a few years since I originally came up with the idea, I’m glad to have […]

Liquid Fueled Rocket Engine

I designed and casted a liquid fueled rocket engine out of copper. The fuel is liquid methanol and the oxidizer is gaseous oxygen. The first engine I am building will produce 25 pounds of thrust and will not explode. As time goes on I plan to build more capable engines and also discover easier ways […]

Growable Shoes

The Issue Children around the world suffer a lack of access to proper footwear to protect them. There are over 300 million children without shoes in the world. They face many extra challenges, including not being able to attend school, contracting illnesses, and experiencing common injuries and pains. While many shoes are donated to children […]


The future is Electric, and there’s no denying it. Year after year the demand for electric vehicles doubles as an industry forms around new technologies. As the technology advances, haven’t you ever wondered how it works? The idea for Project Ohm initially came to fruition after three friends not having any idea of what to […]

Frettie, the Self-Playing Guitar Machine

As a musician I have always been irritated by the extent of my kinesthetic abilities. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and more, however I can only play to the best of my ability. The human limit irritates many musicians when they try to play, or compose. Usually, in my case, I would try to […]

AWS DeepRacer

For my 2021-2022 i2 project, I chose to work on a DeepRacer model, a machine learning based event hosted by Amazon. AWS DeepRacer is an event where people all over the world train AI self driving car models that drive on set tracks and then transfer the digital models to physical builds that then drive […]


As a city biker I always was cautious and nervous of what was behind me on the streets and after initially thinking about bike safety I joined i2 and an idea came to me. So I researched online and found that most bicycle accidents and collision occur from the rear and that bike accidents have […]

Piezoelectric Shoes

The goal of our project is to allow us to charge a portable device while walking or running. Our piezoelectric shoes use the kinetic energy that you produce when you walk or run and turn it into electrical energy through the piezoelectric crystals in the base of the shoe. By using 14 crystals connected in […]

Raspberry Pi Sand Table (Phase 2)

Last year, I began construction of a project called the raspberry pi sand table. It is a project that creates designs in sand through the use of robotics (for more information on how it works, check out last years project page).  Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the project due to shipping delays as a […]

Easy Stats

Taking volleyball statistics is hard. First and foremost, what are volleyball statistics? Well, many different statistics in volleyball are tracked, such as aces, service errors, kills, hitting errors, the pass rating, and many more. After a season of taking stats for the girl’s varsity team here at SHC, I realized that keeping track of all […]

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