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This year’s project is geared more towards product design and creation, as I explored research and computer science in prior years and decided to branch out. After considering many other ideas, I settled on a project that would satiate my desire to build and engineer, making it truly a passion project. This idea originated when […]


This year the project is based around the main fact that tons of sophomores, juniors, and seniors learn how to drive and get their very first car during the school year. Most of the time, this ends up being a used car, due to a multitude of factors like insurance, performance, and likelihood of damaging […]

The “AI”ssistant

The “Assistant is a football play-caller who takes information about the game and returns a play for every player to run. It takes the description of the game, the skill of your players, the score, time, quarter, down, and distance and returns a play call, the pre-snap formation, and an individual route for each player.

Star Car

We decided to make a miniaturized hydrogen engine for our 2024 i2 project in order to test our mechanical engineering skills. The overall project is a hydrogen powered combustion engine, made out of PVC pipes. We wanted to show others how it wasn’t too difficult to make hydrogen engines, however it was much more difficult […]

Crystal Clear

Ever wished your life was a movie? That’s the question that sparked the inspiration of Crystal Clear, a transparent monitor screen using LCD technology to convert audio to onscreen text, similar to how subtitles appear on a TV screen. Aiming to provide an additional alternative to tools such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and ASL, […]

Liquid Fueled Rocket Engine

I designed and casted a liquid fueled rocket engine out of copper. The fuel is liquid methanol and the oxidizer is gaseous oxygen. The first engine I am building will produce 25 pounds of thrust and will not explode. As time goes on I plan to build more capable engines and also discover easier ways […]

Growable Shoes

The Issue Children around the world suffer a lack of access to proper footwear to protect them. There are over 300 million children without shoes in the world. They face many extra challenges, including not being able to attend school, contracting illnesses, and experiencing common injuries and pains. While many shoes are donated to children […]


The future is Electric, and there’s no denying it. Year after year the demand for electric vehicles doubles as an industry forms around new technologies. As the technology advances, haven’t you ever wondered how it works? The idea for Project Ohm initially came to fruition after three friends not having any idea of what to […]

Frettie, the Self-Playing Guitar Machine

As a musician I have always been irritated by the extent of my kinesthetic abilities. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and more, however I can only play to the best of my ability. The human limit irritates many musicians when they try to play, or compose. Usually, in my case, I would try to […]

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