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Everyone has a passion hidden within themselves — why not start uncovering it early? Unbeknown to many, hidden passions could potentially be life-changing, but what if one doesn’t have the chance or resources need for it to come into fruition?   Kismet is a mentorship program that enables kids from all over the Bay Area […]

Train the Brain

After reading Dr. Kawashima’s book about brain training, I got invested in the topic. This book taught me a lot about what’s practical for the brain, how it affects you, and whether this type of training is worth it. So, after doing some more external research, I created a website showcasing exercises like the ones […]


For my junior year project, I decided to combine my experience working with kids, interest in mental health, and entrepreneurial spirit to complete a two-part project called BOARD. My goal is to delve deeper into the complexities of having kids return from several years of virtual, online learning back to in-person learning, as well as […]

Project Escape: Doomsday

Today, many people spend their time looking down on their phones and/or on social media; anonymity making it difficult to recognize the impact of our everyday actions as we “hide” behind our screens. For example, trolling is the result of disinhibition to say something as a reflex, without taking the time to consider what effects […]

Cat Communication

I have had pet cats for nearly my whole life. And, despite that, I still struggle to understand exactly what they want when they bother me, whether it’s food, water, or something else entirely. To solve this problem, I decided to train one of my cats, Diego, to touch different shaped pieces of paper to […]

Electric Go Kart

Watching cars when we were younger made us want to go fast. Additionally, we’ve been to K1 Speed and have loved the thrill of electric go karts. As we’ve grown, so has the desire to have a kart. The biggest problem was the cost: high-end karts cost over $12,000 to start out! We wanted a […]