The Anthropocene and Education

This year, the theme that our junior year project must revolve around is the Anthropocene. To me, it refers to how the impact, good or bad, humans have had on the planet’s biodiversity, but it can also extend much further than that. What choices do humans make that may not have a direct impact on the ecosystems of our world now but may cause something to happen later on? 

In the past two years, I have tried to tackle issues regarding health and wellness, but this year, I have decided to step out of my comfort level a bit and work on a group project with my friend Madi Lee. Right now, we want to start up a volunteering-based math tutoring program that connects star students at our school and students at middle schools who need help or want to get ahead together. While this doesn’t exactly connect with the Anthropocene in the traditional sense, being good at math can help strengthen reasoning skills in youth. This development could help these students in the future when making other decisions, even influencing them to work in industries that lessen the damaging impact humans have had on our planet. 

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