Tag: 2026

Killian Hourihan

Salutations! My name is Killian Hourihan. I am what those in the industry might refer to as a “nerd,” but do still partake in non-nerd activities. The main way in which I derive my nerdiness is through my fascination with math and computer science. I’ve worked on a bunch of interesting projects, including a realistic […]

Kirk Darling

I’m Kirk. I’m a freshman at SHC and in the I2 program. I am 15 and my birthday is October 15. I went to Chinese American International School for middle school, and have been speaking Chinese my whole life. I also have a twin brother named Doug. Some hobbies I have are swimming, traveling, and […]

Silver Wiesler

Hi! My name is Silver Wiesler and I am a 10th grader here at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. I am a part of this years Inquiry and Innovation class  of 2026 and I am so happy to have the privilege of participating in this incredible program. I love math and science and especially creating things. […]

Katie Worster

Hi, my name is Katie Worster. I am currently a sophmore at Sacred Heart Cathedral. As well as being in the i2 program, I am involved in Debate, Tech Crew, Earth Action, and Robotics, because I am really interested in science and technology as well as how it connects to our world. Outside of school, […]

Kaia Land

Hi, my name is Kaia Land. I am currently a Sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral in the i2 program. I’m also involved in Book Society.  Outside of school, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and participating in sports. I played basketball for almost 5 years, and after quitting I joined crew, which I’ve been doing […]

Roman Maimone

I am Roman Maimone. I am a freshman in the class of 2026. Before coming to SHC, I went to St. Philips for my elementary and middle school. I like to play soccer when I am outdoors. I was a part of the CYO first division team that won the championship twice in a row […]

Veronica Panina

Hi! My name is Veronica Panina. I am a sophomore at SHC. I live with my parents and 4 siblings. Through a big family I have learned both communicational and teamwork skills. During my freshman year at SHC, I was a team captain for the Girls’ Frosh Volleyball team as well as managed the Wrestling […]

Amelia Gong

Hi! My name is Amelia and I am in 10th grade. I previously attended St. Thomas the Apostle School (1948-2023) and had a lot of family connections there which inspired my i2 project last year. My aunt currently works as a teacher at St. Gabriel School and I also have a younger sister there who […]