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Welcome to my project! I’m Sam, and this website is dedicated to an interesting topic I have been able to learn about this past year, which is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In short, ASD is a developmental and neurological disorder caused by differences in the brain. It is marked by characteristics such as problems with […]

Get It Done

The Get It Done page is a website that allows busy students and adults alike to learn how to better utilize their calendars and reminders in order to organize their lives in a better, more well-ordered fashion. There are countless different calendar and reminder apps available on our smartphones. However, these apps don’t provide sufficient […]

Informed Shopping

The goal of this project is to create a website centralizing information on various clothing stores. Using the stoplight system (green, yellow, red) a corporation will fall under one of the three categories determining their environmental effects. Visitors to the site will be able to quickly recognize whether the company has had a positive effect […]

Teaching Teens Investing

As we approach adulthood, it becomes more and more important that we know how to manage our money. However, many teens agree that we feel very unprepared for financial situations we will face in the future. Our project seeks to solve this problem by educating teenagers with our website theteeninvestors.com. Our project aims not only […]

The Rabbit Burrow – Homemade Goods Shop

Our i2 project this year is to develop an online shop that sells homemade products, gifts, and art. Some of the products will include crocheted animals, stickers, and drawings (possible commissions). We’re creating this shop to raise awareness of certain charities (related to the environment, poverty, education, etc.) as well as showcase our art on […]

Let them know

Let them know is an online messenger service for members of the SHC community to support one another during these difficult and often negative times. Students, teachers, and staff can send a note to anyone within the community, choose a card template to go with their message, choose a recipient, and make someone’s day. Let […]


Four years of high school is such a short amount of time for high school students to figure out their passions and what they want to pursue in the future. With schoolwork and extracurricular activities, they are barely spending time focusing on their future careers. Limited by the lingering coronavirus pandemic effects and arising new […]

Big Data Bowl

The Big Data Bowl 2022 is a competition on Kaggle, a website centered around data science and machine learning, two ideas that interest me greatly. The purpose of the competition is to create a new stat, metric, or insight to evaluate special teams and to allow NFL and college coaches to improve decision-making. Through the […]

Cereal Finder

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why is it also the most overlooked? Mornings are rushed, but nutrition shouldn’t be sacrificed as a result. In theory, cereals would be the perfect solution: no preparation required, quick to eat, and little clean-up, but they are often packed with concerning amounts of sugar […]

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence

Ayurvedic Medicine for Adolescence is a project mainly targeted at youth generations but appealable to all generations overall in a simple, clean format. Ayurvedic Medicine is a centuries old alternative medicine system and being Hindu myself, I grew up with this medicine around my family. Western medicine is significant, but I believe that Ayurvedic Medicine […]