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Virtual AI Museum

The Virtual AI Museum is a virtual reality platform that utilizes advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models to generate realistic images and artwork from user prompts. In a spatial VR environment accessible to all, users engage with an immersive art experience that allows them to generate images by inputting text descriptions into an interactive […]

Marcus Oberdorfer

Hi I’m Marcus! I’m from San Francisco and joined the i2 program in Sophomore year. My favorite classes are math and science and I like coding. Over the summer, I live in Hawaii at my grandmother’s house with the rest of the family. My junior year project is a VR museum with AI generated images.

Lukas Seufert

As a Senior at SHC, this year I’m leading the Coursify LMS project, co-directing my school’s TEDxSHC event, and helping teach the SHC Coding Club. I’m super excited about Coursify, a project that’s been in development since November 2022. So far, we’ve already onboarded five classes across two teachers. Across 1,251 commits to GitHub (and […]

Ryan Hernandez

My name is Ryan Hernandez and I am a Junior at SHC. In my free time, I listen to and watch a wide range of music and movies nonstop, always searching for something new. Something about Pop Culture and its evolution fascinates me. I also highly enjoy photography and often travel to different places with […]

Angeline De Castro

My name is Angeline De Castro and I am a Junior at SHC. I was born in the Philippines and was raised in the United States, here in San Francisco. Currently, Chemistry has been my most enjoyable subject. I love the challenge it brings and the feeling of gratification after solving a long equation. Outside […]

Beckett Andersen

My name is Beckett Andersen; I was born in San Francisco, California, and went to St. Stephen’s Elementary School. My brother, who is two years older than me, gave me much inspiration throughout my educational career. He was admitted into the i2 (Inquiry and Innovation) program at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, and ever since he […]

Emma Major

Hi! I’m Emma Major, a Junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. I’ve lived in San Francisco my whole life and previously attended St. Philip the Apostle School. Throughout my high school career, I’ve participated in Varsity Girl’s tennis, Concert Choir, Business Officer for the student council, and leadership team for the Women’s Empowerment CCC. I […]